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Hunkar Begendi

World Kitchen

Learn to make dishes from around the world while hearing from guest chefs about the cultures, history, and traditions each dish represents. WPSU’s new digital series, World Kitchen, is a free interactive cooking class presented on Zoom so that you can follow along to create the recipe with each guest chef.


Hispanic Heritage

Join World Kitchen host Tamra Fatemi-Badi as she welcomes Maria and Larry Terry to her home kitchen. Maria is originally from Honduras and will share her recipe for Echiladas Hondurenas, as she and Larry talk about their Hispanic heritage and culture through food and family.

Sunday, October 8, at 2:00 p.m.


Live! with Maria and Larry Terry

World Kitchen celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with a hybrid virtual and in-person event. Guest chefs Maria and Larry Terry will join host Tamra in the WPSU studio to share their recipe for Baleadas, a Honduran street taco.

Wednesday, September 20, at 2:00 p.m.


Summer Abundance

Join host Tamra Fatemi-Badi as she uses summer vegetables from the garden to create a Persian beef and eggplant stew (Khoresh Bademjan) and a delightful, not-too-sweet zucchini bread.

8/3/23 | 43m 51s


Qabuli Palaw


Host Tamra Fatemi-Badi and guest Storai Jalali demonstrate delicious Afghani food including Qabuli Palaw and Salata.

7/10/23 | 1h 28m


Vietnamese Pho

WPSU welcomes guest chef Hang Nguyen for our free hands-on online cooking class featuring traditional Vietnamese Pho. 

6/1/23 | 1h 8m


Foul Medames


Host Tamra Fatemi-Badi welcomes Nermin Mostafa into her kitchen for an afternoon of delicious Egyptian food including Foul Medames and Koshari.

4/28/23 | 51m 52s



Join World Kitchen host Tamra Fatemi-Badi as she welcomes Narges Talaee into her kitchen for an afternoon of delicious Persian food in celebration of NoRuz, or Persian New Year.

3/29/23 | 1h 22m


fried spring rolls


Guest chef Dr. Duyen Le – together with her colleague, Hang Nguyen – demonstrates Cha Nem/Cha Gio (Vietnamese Fried Spring rolls), one of the most typical/traditional dishes in Vietnam.

3/6/23 | 1h 8m


Chocolate Biscotti


World Kitchen host Tamra Fatemi-Badi demonstrates three of her favorite Biscotti recipes.

1/20/23 | 33m 10s


Traditional eastern arabic dessert Baklava with Turkish honey and walnuts, selective focus.


Guest chef Adelina Hristova shares four Bulgarian recipes using three simple ingredients... yogurt, feta cheese, and walnuts.

11/16/22 | 1h 10m



Ethiopia with Etayehu

Learn Ethiopian recipes from guest chef Etayehu Zenebe.

9/13/22 | 57m 49s



Take Me to Pemberley

Featuring Jane Austen’s book, "Pride and Prejudice" as inspiration, Guest chef Colleen Connolly-Ahern demonstrates foods you can prepare for your gathering.

8/28/22 | 58m 7s


bowl filled pesto

Once Upon a Pesto

Guest chef Jessica demonstrates three beautiful and delicious pesto recipes and talks about her experiences traveling the world in search of pesto perfection.

7/19/22 | 36m 25s


chefs on the set of World Kitchen

Special Edition: We Are…

WPSU celebrates Polish and Middle Eastern cuisine and culture. Learn how to make tabbouleh, pierogies, and baklavah with guest chefs from Penn State.

6/22/22 | 1h 22m


peruvian dishes


Chefs Tati & Derek share their favorite authentic Peruvian recipes, including Ceviche and Causa!

5/25/22 | 1h 3m



Guest Chef Luciana Alvarez shares recipes from her native Venezuela including Arepas and Pabellon Venezolano.

4/25/22 | 1h 35m


bento box

Japan: Beautiful Bento Boxes

Guest chef Mizuho Kawasaki shows us how easy it is to make your own delicious and beautiful Bento boxes.

3/31/22 | 1 hr 25m



Guest chef Janejira Kalsmith demonstrates how to create Basil Chicken with Rice and Egg and Thai coffee.

3/8/22 | 1h 11m


Special Edition with Shawn Carter

In honor of Black History Month, this special edition features Chef Shawn Carter of Carter’s Table Catering sharing his cultural culinary journey.

2/24/22 | 1h 1m



Guest chef Deyo Olorunnisola cooks three dishes that are ubiquitous in West Africa, Jollof rice and fried plantains, chicken stew, and a nigerian Salad.

1/30/22 | 1hr 7m


World of Soups

Host Tamra creates four delicious soups for cold winter days.

1/6/22 | 1hr 32m



Polish Pierogies

Learn to make two delicious varieties of authentic Pierogies with Susan Chyczewski!

11/21/21 | 1h 9m



International Charcuterie

Host Tamra dives into the vast and beautiful world of charcuterie boards and what goes into them.

10/19/21 | 1h 8m


Mexican food

Mexico: The Amigo Country

Explore Mexico with guest chef Minerva Saggese, as she demonstrates how to make Enchiladas Verdes, Guacamole Autentico, and Ate de Guayaba con Queso. 

9/20/21 | 1h 6m



An Afternoon In Tunisia

Guest chefs Zoubeida Ounaies and Steve Carpenter share three family recipes: slata mechouia, brik, and couscous with chicken and vegetables.

8/29/21 | 1h 36m


Persian BBQ

Persian Barbeque

We'll be making Jujeh (chicken), Veggie, and Khoobideh (ground beef) Kabobs. We'll also make a couple of simple Persian salads and a yogurt-based mint drink!

7/19/21 | 1h 22m



Classic Italian

World Kitchen guest chef, Patrick Tunno, shares some of his family’s classic Italian traditions and favorite recipes.

6/28/21 | 52m 49s



North Indian Cuisine

Guest chef, Pallavi Eswara, introduces you to the aromatic deliciousness that is North Indian cuisine.

5/18/21 | 1h 59m


Hunkar Begendi

Turkish Delights

Guest chef Olcay Ayata introduces viewers to a delicious world of Turkish delights including Turkish Kofte, Hunkar Begendi, and more.

4/19/21 | 2h 3m


Persian Food

Persian New Year

Join WPSU’s Tamra Fatemi as she shares her family’s Nowruz traditions and favorite holiday recipes with you.

3/22/21 | 1h 30


Mardi Gras Shrimp and Grits

Mardi Gras

WPSU’s Tamra Fatemi creates New Orleans inspired dishes including a Cajun shrimp and cheesy grits dish, as well as the traditional and iconic New Orleans “beignet.”

2/15/21 | 57m 41s


dumplings dough

Shandong Dumplings

Celebrate Chinese New Year with authentic Shandong dumplings you can make from scratch.

1/30/21 | 2h 20m



Holiday Cookies Around the World

Follow along as we make recipes from Japan, Brazil, Russia, Iran, and a Kwanzaa cookie. 

12/21/20 | 1h 10m


pumpkin roll

American Pumpkin Roll and Cake Roulette

Tamra Fatemi whips up some Thanksgiving desserts including American Pumpkin Roll and Cake Roulette.

12/3/20 | 1h 27m



Persian Baklava

WPSU's event coordinator, Tamra Fatemi, shows guests how to make a decadent Baklava for fall holiday meals.

10/26/20 | 1h 11m



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