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Wonders of the Night Sky title card

Wonders of the Night Sky

Learn tips to find constellations, planets and more in the night sky. Penn State Professor of Astronomy Chris Palma explains how to choose the right telescope and how to improve your stargazing success. For beginner and veteran astronomers alike.

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Telescopes for Beginners

Penn State Professor of Astronomy Chris Palma explains the different types (and costs) of telescopes and what you can do to improve your stargazing.

11/10/22 | 3m 22s


Saturn and Jupiter locations in the sky

Seeing Jupiter and Saturn in October

Jupiter and Saturn can be seen without a telescope through October. Learn more from Chris Palma, Penn State Professor of Astronomy.

10/14/22 | 1m 55s



The Comet Neowise

Look in the right place over the next few weeks and you may be able to see the comet Neowise with the naked eye. Happy stargazing!

7/31/20 | 2m 22s



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