Keystone Society

The WPSU Keystone Society recognizes our highest-level membership donors to TV and/or FM. These donors provide annual contributions totaling $1,000 or more to support our mission. Keystone Society giving can be attained through a single membership gift or multiple membership gifts to both TV and FM over the course of the calendar year.

In addition to annual recognition in the WPSU Program Guide, these donors enjoy special invitations to events, such as the WPSU Music Theatre Spotlight production each year, the Connoisseur’s Dinner Chef Demo, and the Jazz@the Palmer series.

Whether you support WPSU-TV, WPSU-FM, or both, as many of our donors do, members of the Keystone Society have made the decision to provide substantial annual support not only for the programs that they enjoy, but also to help us continue to provide high-quality and culturally diverse programming to all our viewers and listeners across central Pennsylvania and on the web.