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Keystone Society

The WPSU Keystone Society recognizes our highest-level membership donors to TV and/or FM. These donors provide annual contributions totaling $1,000 or more (or $85 per month sustaining gift) to support our mission. Keystone Society giving can be attained through a single membership gift or multiple membership gifts to both TV and FM over the course of the calendar year.

In addition to annual recognition in the WPSU June Program Guide, these donors enjoy special invitations to events and studio productions.

Whether you support WPSU-TV, WPSU-FM, or both, as many of our donors do, members of the Keystone Society have made the decision to provide substantial annual support not only for the programs that they enjoy, but also to help us continue to provide high-quality and culturally diverse programming to all our viewers and listeners across central Pennsylvania and on the web.

The Patrick Smith Circle of the WPSU Keystone Society

On July 31, 2021, WPSU suddenly lost our dear friend, tireless volunteer, and beloved former colleague Patrick Smith. As a supporter of WPSU, odds are that you encountered Patrick either by hearing his voice on the radio, by seeing him on your TV screens, or by receiving a letter in the mail with words that were inspiring and compelling in his advocacy for WPSU.

To honor the legacy that Patrick left behind, and with the blessing of his family, as of January 1, 2022, donors to WPSU qualify for a new level of giving within the WPSU Keystone Society known as the Patrick Smith Circle of the WPSU Keystone Society.

While qualification for the WPSU Keystone Society remains unchanged, which is cumulative annual giving in any combination to WPSU-TV and/or WPSU-FM in the amount of $1,000, as of January 1, 2022, donors will qualify for the Patrick Smith Circle within the WPSU Keystone Society when they contribute a cumulative annual amount to WPSU of $1,500, including those donors who are sustainers at $125 per month.

In recognition of their philanthropy, qualifying donors to the Patrick Smith Circle will be honored in the June edition of the program guide and on the WPSU website. Also beginning in the spring of 2023 Patrick Smith Circle donors will be invited to breakfast meetings two times a year with Isabel Reinert, Executive Director and General Manager of WPSU. These meetings will be a forum for station updates, a discussion on upcoming projects at WPSU and an opportunity for donors as stakeholders to provide feedback and ask questions, cultivating conversations on the future of WPSU.

Because the future of public media meant so much to our friend Patrick, we find it fitting to pay tribute to him in this way. We look forward to welcoming members of the Patrick Smith Circle of the WPSU Keystone Society in 2023.

2024 WPSU Keystone Society

  • Anonymous (29)
  • Anonymous (53)
  • Patricia and Stephen Benkovic
  • Mary Lou Bennett
  • Jim Bloom and Marcy Garman
  • Ruth and Glen Blume
  • Bob and Judy Butler
  • Bala B. Carver, MD and Mr. Chad Carver
  • Centre Lions Foresight Committee
  • Kristine Clark and Craig Weidemann
  • John and Julie Cleland
  • Phil and Connie Coolick
  • Jackie and Emily Esposito
  • Drs. K. James Evans and Lisa M. Fiorentino
  • Joseph Ewaskiewicz VMD Ph.D.
  • Ronald Filippelli and Sandra Stelts
  • Katherine Frank in memory of Jack Frank
  • Bob and Ellen Frederick
  • Blake and Linda Gall
  • Dr. Dennis and Marilyn Gouran
  • Cari and Andy Gustafson
  • Dr. Ross Hardison and Ms. Deborah Smith
  • William T. and Peggy L. Hartman
  • Thomas February Herbstritt
  • Linda Higginson and Susan Youtz
  • Julie and Mark Holm
  • Ted and Casey Hovick
  • Bob and Sonia Hufnagel
  • Jeffrey A. Hughes
  • Michael Husband and Judy Heberling
  • Stan and Judy Ikenberry
  • Thomas Cyril Jegla
  • Dr. W. Kenneth Jenkins and Suzann Jenkins
  • Nick Kerlin and Donna Queeney
  • Jeffrey R. Kern and Jerrilyn E. Muth-Kern
  • Sally T.F. Knapp
  • Drs. Dan and Donna Sell Kohlhepp
  • Jo and Ed Lash
  • Elinor C. Lewis
  • Tom and Mary Ellen Litzinger
  • Dawn Luthe and Gary Felton
  • Joan Magistrella
  • Rebecca Mahony
  • Ken and Sharon Manno
  • Leon and Faye Marshall
  • Dr Brent D. May and Dr. Lisa G. May
  • Fran McDermid and Sylvia Feldman
  • Debbie Meder and Larry Gohn
  • Judy Milhous
  • Philp and Leann Mohr
  • Adrian Ocneanu and Christine Lowe
  • Bernard and Donna Ogline
  • Diane Schoonmaker Osgood
  • Wayne Osgood
  • D. Brent and Cynthia Pasquinelli
  • Greg and RenĂ©e Petersen
  • Jim and Ruth Gentilman Peterson
  • Kathleen Postle
  • Barbara Rolls
  • Carla Roser-Jones
  • Forrest D. Rowles in memory of Constance Rowles
  • Lynne Sanders
  • Steve and Connie Schroeder
  • Fred and Judy Sears
  • Bob and Ann Shepherd
  • Nels and Becky Shirer
  • Ron and Sue Smith
  • Linda Steffee
  • John and Barb Stone
  • Fred C. Thompson
  • Linda and Dan Trevino
  • Jack Troy
  • Kate Bennett Truitt and Bruce Truitt
  • Joan and Steve Turns
  • Drs. Stephen and Jennifer Van Hook
  • Nicholas Winograd and Barbara Garrison
  • Dennis J. Wolnick
  • Cal and Pam Zimmerman

Bold names indicate Patrick Smith Circle members