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An illustration of a green vegetable garden and a blue sky with the words "year-round gardening"

Year-Round Gardening

Year-Round Gardening gives basic gardening tips throughout the year. The instructional clips feature Penn State Extension Educators and Master Gardeners.

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Vegetables in canning jars.

The Science of Canning

Canning is a tried-and-true method of preserving and storing vegetables and fruit you grew in your garden.

9/29/23 | 3m 16s


Cool Season Vegetables

Even though we’re in the midst of summer, now is a good time to start planning your cool season vegetables.

9/16/23 | 2m 13s


A dandelion seed ball blowing in the wind.

Identifying Weeds

Learn to identify weeds and keep them out of your garden.

9/1/23 | 3m 45s


A gardener tying green tomatoes to a garden trellis with twine.

Staking Tomato Plants

If you’re growing tomatoes, staking or trellising the plants can improve air flow, reduce the risk of blight and free up garden space.

8/11/23 | 2m 38s


A rain cloud above a green lawn, with a man in the foreground explaining lawn irrigation.

How to Water Your Lawn

Watering your lawn properly is vital for the health of your grass. Here are some basic tips for lawn irrigation.

7/28/23 | 2m 51s


Illustrated green grass and blue sky with the words "pollinator garden" in large yellow font.

Planning a Pollinator Garden

Learn tips on planting a vibrant pollinator garden from Master Gardener Lisa Schneider.

7/21/23 | 5m 12s


The words "Native Plants for Beginners" in large yellow print against an illustrated background of green grass and blue sky.

Native Plants for Beginners

Master Gardener Lisa Schneider explains the how-to (and why-to) of gardening with native plants.

6/30/23 | 3m 56s


Garden expert Tom Butzler standing against an illustrated background that says "Warm Season Vegetables"

Warm Season Vegetables

Tips for planting vegetables like tomatoes, squash and corn that thrive in warmer temperatures.

6/28/23 | 3m 21s



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