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Elena Zavala

Women in Science Profiles

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Michelle Orner

Michelle Orner

Michelle is the quality manager at Penn State’s famous Berkey Creamery. She makes sure the ice cream we eat is as safe as it delicious!

1/19/17 | 3:20


Elena Zavala

Elena Zavala

Elena is a chemist turned forensic science graduate student who combines her desire to help others with her love of math and science to find better ways to solve challenging missing persons mysteries.

1/19/17 | 3:59


Carolina Pulido

Carolina Pulido

Carolina is a quality engineer at Minitab, a statistical software company. She tries to find problems with the software before any users do, and she can do that in 5 different languages!

1/19/17 | 3:38


Felecia Davis

Felecia Davis

Felecia is an assistant professor of architecture who combines art, technology, and science in her work with computational textiles: soft materials that can sense and respond to the world around them.

1/19/17 | 3:15


Erica Smithwick

Erica Smithwick

Erica is an ecologist and associate professor of geography whose work has taken her around the world, including to South Africa to research biodiversity and the role of forests in global climate change.

1/19/17 | 3:13



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