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Yellow text that says container gardening in front of a blue and green background

Year-Round Gardening

Winter Container Gardening

Container gardens are a great way to garden indoors during the winter months, or in spaces like an apartment complex, where you might not have room for a conventional garden.

11/28/23 | 4m 12s


Vegetables sealed in storage containers before being placed in a freezer.

Year-Round Gardening

Tips for Freezing Fruits and Vegetables

Freezing can be an easy and hassle-free way to preserve your fruits and vegetables from your garden.

11/3/23 | 4m 1s


A collage of images, including Spider-Man in his blue and red uniform, a person painting a mural and the yellow brick exterior of the Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center.

WPSU Digital Shorts

Steve Ditko: Superhero of Johnstown

Spider-man co-creator Steve Ditko is honored with a public art project in his hometown of Johnstown.

6/13/23 | 3m 15s


A colorful Christmas lights display

WPSU Digital Shorts

Christmas on Display

The Vuccolos are locally famous for their award-winning, self-proclaimed “outrageous” Christmas display. They break down what it takes to be an expert Christmas decorator.

12/15/22 | 5m 57s



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Arts, Music, and Food

Hunkar Begendi

World Kitchen

World Kitchen is a free interactive cooking class presented on Zoom so that you can follow along to create the recipe with each guest chef.


Metronome from The Attic


METRONOME features local performing artists and groups from a variety of genres playing in their own environments throughout Central Pennsylvania.


Ben Ahlgrim working with hot glass

Pennsylvania Makers

Pennsylvania Makers features local artists showcasing their unique talent and creativity.



bicycling for beginners logo

Bicycling for Beginners

This series guides new and returning cyclists through topics like bike safety, general maintenance, how to change a flat tire on the trail, and more.


view of man's back holding a shovel in hand

Adventures in Privy Digging

Houtzdale resident Frank Harchak shares his passion for digging up old outhouses.


Wonders of the Night Sky title card

Wonders of the Night Sky

Stargazing tips, insights and more for beginning and veteran astronomers and anyone curious about the wonders of the night sky.



town illustration

I’m Your Neighbor

Get to know some of the remarkable people who call central Pennsylvania home.


PA Local

PA Local

A new podcast from WPSU shining a light on the workings of local government and the services that it provides with the taxes we all pay.


people looking for birds with binoculars

WPSU Digital Shorts

Short digital stories highlighting the arts, culture, science and activities in central Pennsylvania and beyond.


Education and Science

words Past PA over a historic map of Pennsylvania

Past PA

Past PA illuminates the history of Pennsylvania. It will bring a deeper understanding of important events that people have likely heard of but might not know very much about, and help people learn new stories about well-known events.


Instructor shows students petri dish


Science-U is a summer camp at Penn State University exploring every inch of the universe!


Geospacial Revolution

Geospatial Revolution

Learn about how location-based technologies and geospatial information influence nearly everything.


Mission: Materials Science

Learn how materials science and engineering is at work all around you.


Reach Podcast

Reach Podcast

Telling the stories of researchers, their studies, and how their work impacts you and the world you live in.


Elena Zavala

Women in Science Profiles

WiSci Files features local women with careers in science, technology, engineering and math.


Finding Your Roots: The Seedlings

Dig into ancestry with genetics and genealogy.



SciTech Now

SciTech Now captures the latest breakthroughs in science and technology.



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