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Students holding cardboard fruits and vegetables, including a sign that says "student farm."

WPSU Digital Shorts

The future of agriculture at Penn State’s student farm

7/18/24 | 9m

A group of four students gathered behind a computer monitor.

WPSU Digital Shorts

Students tackle abandoned mine drainage | Healing the Red Moshannon

7/11/24 | 3m 27s

Host Tom Butzler in front of a green and blue background, with the words "Plant potting basics: Easy tips to pot like a pro"

Year-Round Gardening

Plant Potting Basics

7/2/24 | 3m 7s

Host Alex Sulksi speaking in front of footage of a Canada goos and goslings.

A Season at Shaver’s Creek

Spring: A bustling renewal at Shaver’s Creek

6/20/24 | 4m 17s

A mobile sculpture from the Palmer Museum of Art at Penn State.

WPSU Digital Shorts

My Museum: An Inside Look at the New Palmer Museum of Art

6/13/24 | 4m 35s

Historic images of figures from Pennsylvania's history of opposing slavery.

Past PA

Abolition: Pennsylvania’s Fight Against Slavery

6/5/24 | 9m 41s

An image of Milton Hershey in a suit.

Past PA

Milton Hershey: Unwrapping the Chocolate King

6/5/24 | 9m 35s

Staff at the Three Mile Island nuclear facility in hazmat gear.

Past PA

Three Mile Island: Near-Miss Nuclear Disaster

6/5/24 | 11m 7s

Host Lisa Schneider standing in front of a blue and green background.

Year-Round Gardening

Soft Landings: Getting Started with Mulch Alternatives

5/31/24 | 2m 41s

Host Lisa Schneider standing in front of a blue and green background.

Year-Round Gardening

Soft Landings: Say No to the Mulch Volcano

5/29/24 | 3m 19s

Tray of eggplant parmesan with serving spoon

World Kitchen

Italian American Family Favorites

Sunday, June 23, at 2:00 p.m.

Lawn fertilizing equipment on a green lawn.

Year-Round Gardening

Tips for Fertilizing Your Lawn

5/3/24 | 3m 21s

A cartoon image of soil with plants growing out of it.

Year-Round Gardening

Soil Testing

4/26/24 | 2m 50s

The back of a seed packet with a map of the United States highlighted with a yellow rectangle.

Year-Round Gardening

Tips for Reading Seed Packets

4/23/24 | 2m 42s

Trail camera footage of a raccoon family walking across a beaver dam.

A Season at Shaver’s Creek

Winter: Sledding mink, muskrats & dabbling mallards

4/3/24 | 4m 39s

Lisa Schneider from Penn State extension standing before a green and blue background with a hovering photograph of seed catalogs for gardening.

Year-Round Gardening

Plan Your Garden with Seed Catalogs

3/29/24 | 4m 3s

A child watching a solar eclipse while wearing safety glasses.

Wonders of the Night Sky

See the Solar Eclipse in Pennsylvania

3/27/24 | 3m 30s

Emily Cooper looks at the completed face paint art on a young girl at a party.

I’m Your Neighbor

Emily Cooper: Face Painting, Holiday Storefronts & More

3/22/24 | 4m 13s

A small barn covered in nautical buoys with a drawing of a lobster and a sign in the middle that says "Maine Bay and Berry."

I’m Your Neighbor

Shaun Knight & Christa Stofferahn: Maine Bay & Berry

3/20/24 | 4m 39s

World Kitchen

United Arab Emirates

World Kitchen


3/17/24 | 58m 49s

World Kitchen


3/5/24 | 1h 1m

Rick Kralj from Penn State Extension standing in a blue shirt before a blue and green background.

Year-Round Gardening

Dehydrating Fruits and Vegetables

2/27/24 | 4m 36s

A kid and an instructor standing in a stream and conducting scientific observations.


Can you tell if a stream is healthy?

2/2/24 | 1m 53s

Five animal skulls against a black background.


Which animal skulls are closest to humans?

2/2/24 | 1m 15s

Casts made from prehistoric skulls of human ancestors on display.


Finding relatives in hominin skulls

2/2/24 | 1m 2s

A student placing a taste test sample in their mouth.


Bitter Taste Gene Test

2/2/24 | 1m 33s

A blue historical describing the founding of Penn State in front of the Centre Furnace Mansion.

WPSU Digital Shorts

Penn State birthplace honored with historical marker

2/1/24 | 3m 4s

World Kitchen


1/27/24 | 43m 50s

A Season at Shaver’s Creek

Fall: The secret life of beavers, deer and more

1/10/24 | 5m 5s

World Kitchen


1/8/24 | 56m 33s

Year-Round Gardening

Picking the Best Christmas Tree

12/12/23 | 3m 41s

Year-Round Gardening

Winter Container Gardening

11/28/23 | 4m 12s


World Kitchen


11/3/23 | 56m 45s

Year-Round Gardening

Tips for Freezing Fruits and Vegetables

11/3/23 | 4m 1s

Year-Round Gardening

Harvesting Winter Squash

10/18/23 | 2m 26s

WPSU Digital Shorts

PA Dignity Day

10/17/23 | 2m 37s

Wonders of the Night Sky

Annular Solar Eclipse

10/10/23 | 2m 24s

World Kitchen

Hispanic Heritage

10/8/23 | 39m 24s

Year-Round Gardening

The Science of Canning

9/29/23 | 3m 16s

World Kitchen

Live! with Maria and Larry Terry

9/20/23 | 38m 48s

Year-Round Gardening

Cool Season Vegetables

9/16/23 | 2m 13s

Year-Round Gardening

Identifying Weeds

9/1/23 | 3m 45s

WPSU Digital Shorts

Children’s Eye Screenings Don’t Tell the Whole Story

8/24/23 | 5m 20s

Year-Round Gardening

Staking Tomato Plants

8/11/23 | 2m 38s

World Kitchen

Summer Abundance

8/3/23 | 43m 51s

A rain cloud above a green lawn, with a man in the foreground explaining lawn irrigation.

Year-Round Gardening

How to Water Your Lawn

7/28/23 | 2m 51s

Year-Round Gardening

Planning a Pollinator Garden

7/21/23 | 5m 12s

WPSU Digital Shorts

Mall Gospel

7/12/23 | 4m 17s


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