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people looking for birds with binoculars

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Short digital stories highlighting the arts, culture, science and activities in central Pennsylvania and beyond.


A mobile sculpture from the Palmer Museum of Art at Penn State.

My Museum: An Inside Look at the New Palmer Museum of Art

Take an inside look at the new Palmer Museum of Art at Penn State, featuring an installation from Dale Chihuly and arboretum views.

6/13/24 | 4m 35s


A blue historical describing the founding of Penn State in front of the Centre Furnace Mansion.

Penn State birthplace honored with historical marker

The birthplace of Penn State was honored with the dedication of a historical marker, unveiled on Jan. 11.

2/1/24 | 3m 4s


PA Dignity Day

On Oct. 10, Penn State Outreach and the State College Borough led a PA Dignity Day celebration at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Plaza.

10/17/23 | 2m 37s


Children’s Eye Screenings Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Eye screenings for kids might miss vision problems that could be spotted with a full eye exam.

8/24/23 | 5m 20s


Mall Gospel

Robey Tulak shares the gospel of music at Nittany Mall. While passing customers might expect Muzak or Top 40 pop, Tulak performs gospel tunes and piano improvisations.

7/12/23 | 4m 17s


Steve Ditko: Superhero of Johnstown

Spider-man co-creator Steve Ditko is honored with a public art project in his hometown of Johnstown.

6/13/23 | 3m 15s



"Moonstock" is a laid back, informal concert series organized by husband-wife couple and retired Penn State faculty Kyle Peck and Catherine Augustine, who built a stage in their backyard in Port Matilda.

5/24/23 | 6m 17s


Winning the match: The fight to sanction girls wrestling in PA

Girls wrestling is the fastest growing high school sport in the country. In Pennsylvania, athletes, parents, coaches, and organizers have mobilized to increase opportunities for girls to participate in the sport.

5/12/23 | 8m 50s


The Heumann-Armstrong Award: Empowering Students with Disabilities

Penn State alumnus Elijah Armstrong founded Equal Opportunities for Students and established the Heumann-Armstrong Award—a scholarship for students with disabilities, in the 6th grade or older, who have experienced and combated ableism in education.

5/11/23 | 4m 54s


Stories from St. Metz

Brothers reflect on an upbringing that, while wildly unorthodox, taught them life lessons on hard work, having a sense of humor, and the importance of family.

2/15/23 | 15m 6s


A colorful Christmas lights display

Christmas on Display

The Vuccolos are locally famous for their award-winning, self-proclaimed “outrageous” Christmas display. They break down what it takes to be an expert Christmas decorator.

12/15/22 | 5m 57s


Terry carving a pumpkin

Carving Pumpkins for a Cause

“I'm dead serious 11 months a year. October is the one month I put it to the side to be silly.”

10/27/22 | 1m 3s


Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center

Founded in 1993, the Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center provides a creative and cultural exploration hub. Learn more about the history and offerings of this Johnstown gem.

8/26/22 | 2m 27s


Gymnast Stephen Nedoroscik in front of a pommel horse.

Stephen Nedoroscik: World Champion Gymnast

Penn State gymnast Stephen Nedoroscik made history as the first American to win a world title on pommel horse.

8/3/22 | 9m 21s


researcher looking at algae in pond

Microbes Clean Pollution from Abandoned Mines

Penn State professors research newly discovered microbes capable of rapid removal of toxic metals in acidic environments.

6/27/22 | 5m 50s


Turning Compassion into Action: Al Smith

Meet 50-year veteran volunteer Al Smith and learn about his work in the American Red Cross' Disaster Services.

3/17/22 | 2m 34s


Guy Bluford speaking at a podium

Bluford Building Dedication

Dr. Guy Bluford, an aerospace engineer, Penn State alumnus, and the first African American in space, attended a ceremony on October 8, 2021 to honor his achievements and unveil a building in his name.

2/18/22 | 1m 40s


Mimi Barash Coppersmith

Meet Mimi Barash Coppersmith

Meet a local "catalyst" Mimi Barash Coppersmith in this segment from a recent conversation in the "Stronger Women Together" webinar series.

2/13/22 | 1m 52s


Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK

Dozens of runners take on the challenge of running 50 miles through Rothrock State Forest

1/7/22 | 2m 6s


Day of Caring 2021

Day of Caring 2021

Every year, the United Way Day of Caring brings people together to support non-profit organizations in their community.

11/26/21 | 1m 46s


Edward Herber McCleery feeding a lobo wolf

How the Lobo Wolf Was Saved From Extinction in Kane, PA

In the 1920s, Dr. Edward Herber McCleery of Kane, Pennsylvania began what became a life-long mission of saving the Lobo Wolves from extinction.

9/8/21 | 3m 33s


Boyd Family

Meet The Boyd Family

"I allow myself to be sad when I need it."

8/6/21 | 3m 10s


Pickle Ball

Try Pickleball This Summer!

Five state-of-the-art, fenced pickleball courts at the 677 W. Whitehall Rd. complex were made possible with support from the Louis E. Silvi Foundation and community donors.

7/31/21 | 2m 51s


Gary and Lydia

Gary & Lydia

Lydia and Gary Abdullah are longtime State College residents who met at Penn State in the early 1970s. They share their love story and what has made their marriage work for more than four decades.

7/24/21 | 12m 27s



Theatre In The Time of COVID-19

Members of Penn State's theater organization put on its first live, in-person production in over a year.

7/9/21 | 3m 33s


Emilie Jansma

Wisdom of the Ages: Emilie F. Jansma

Meet Emilie Jansma, the lady with the tootsie rolls. She shares her most personal, poignant, and inspiring insights & wisdom on life.

7/1/21 | 12m 23s



Hot Cicada Summer

17 years in the making, Brood X Cicadas are emerging in parts of the United States, including central Pennsylvania.

6/25/21 | 2m 27s


Mary Lou Bennet

Mary Lou Bennet: The First 86 Years

Mary Lou Bennett shares her most personal, poignant, and inspiring insights & wisdom on life.

5/14/21 | 13m 41s


people looking for birds with binoculars

Earth Week Birding Classic

Learn about the Earth Week Birding Classic held from April 15 to 25, 2021.

5/5/21 | 2m 2s


Sizdeh Bedar

Sizdeh Bedar

Sizdeh Bedar is the 13th and final day of the Nowruz (New Year) celebration for many ethnicities in Iran and around the world. Learn more about this traditional holiday.

4/2/21 | 1m 26s


potted plants

Home Gardening Tips: Winter Transplants

We spoke with Tim Butzler, a horticulture educator with Penn State Extension, about some tips for gardening in the winter.

1/15/21 | 3m 29s


Women's Suffrage

Women’s Suffrage

This clip from HumIn Focus explores the history of Women's Suffrage in America.

12/4/20 | 5m 28s


Historic Black Churches in Central Pennsylvania

Find out about more than a century of history that still exists today in historic Black churches in central Pennsylvania.

8/15/20 | 3m 25s


art and anxiety

Bill Doan on Art & Anxiety

Bill Doan discusses his view of anxiety and how he channels often difficult feelings into creative and inspirational works for both community and family.

7/3/20 | 3m 11s


COVID-19: Stress and Normal Activities

Mental Health and COVID-19: Stress and Normal Activities

Here are five tips on how to manage stress and anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic.

6/19/20 | 3m 26s


Elana Szczesny of Penn State Counseling & Psychological Services

Mental Health and COVID-19: Sleep

Find out how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting an important aspect of maintaining your mental health: getting regular, good quality sleep.

6/12/20 | 2m 55s


Dr. Erika Sauders of the Penn State College of Medicine

Mental Health and COVID-19: Feelings of Isolation

Dr. Erika Saunders discusses feelings of isolation while social distancing and sheltering at home.

6/6/20 | 2m 39s


Adopt a Senior

Adopt a Senior

A new nationwide effort is helping graduating seniors feel the love while building new connections in and beyond their communities.

6/5/20 | 46s


Speaking Grief producer Lindsey Fenton

Speaking Grief Q&A

We asked Lindsey Whissel Fenton five questions about WPSU's newest project: Speaking Grief.

6/2/20 | 9m 24s


WPSU Radio From Home

WPSU Radio from Home

Despite how different things feel right now, our WPSU radio team is still hard at work bringing families and communities in central Pennsylvania important programs.

6/2/20 | 45s


Boalsburg farmers market

How Farmer’s Markets Are Enduring COVID-19

“People are starting to think a little more carefully about the food system and where their food is coming from.”

5/22/20 | 45s


Andy Grant

WPSU Staff Recommendations: Classic Movies

WPSU producer Andy Grant recommends spending some of that extra free-time while social distancing by getting caught up on classic movies!

5/8/20 | 53s


Teddy Bears and Rainbows

Teddy Bears and Rainbows

To encourage "social distance walking," Courtney Whitmer encouraged her neighbors in State College to participate in The Teddy Bears and Rainbows scavenger hunt.

4/17/20 | 46s


close up of gears of pocket watch

Fix It, Don’t Nix It: Pocket Watch

Host Min Xian helps a grandfather get his ancestor’s pocket watch repaired so he can pass down the treasured family heirloom.

1/30/20 | 4m 12s


Christmans lights display

Shining Light Through The Darkness

Get a glimpse into the light-filled celebration in this piece from “Our Town: Lewistown” from 2016.

1/20/20 | 2m 22s


Watershed Journal

The Watershed Journal

A group of local writers gather in Brookville to listen and comment on each others stories and created a quarterly publication.

1/18/20 | 1m 19s


Horatio the Cat

Everyday is Caturday at Centre County Library

The Centre County Library and Historical Museum is getting help promoting literacy and libraries from a local viral sensation, Horatio the Cat.

1/10/20 | 2m 36s


Potter County Historical Society

PA Places: Potter County Historical Society

David Costano tells us a little bit about a unique museum in downtown Coudersport, PA.

12/13/19 | 2m 29s


Geese Flock Together

Geese Flock Together

Around Lewistown, a happy Juniata Valley tradition includes a public art project featuring 5-foot tall Geese!

11/26/19 | 1m 55s


Deer Season

Deer Season by Brandon Pelter

Penn State student Brandon Pelter examined the state of Pennsylvania's hunting industry and culture.

11/22/19 | 1m 17s


Martin Grieco

Martin Grieco WWII Veteran

In honor of Veterans Day: Martin Grieco of State College, Pennsylvania discusses his military service experience during World War II.

11/11/19 | 52s


Luke Nosal


Luke Nosal talks about coming out as non-binary and what it means to live authentically.

11/7/19 | 3m 35s


Our Town from the Sky

Our Town from the Sky

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a scenic aerial tour of some of the Central Pennsylvania towns we visited as part of the Our Town series.

10/30/19 | 1m 43s



Did You Know: LASER

What do you know about LASERs? Test Your Knowledge in this Did You Know segment from Sci Tech Now.

10/26/19 | 1m 3s


Three Percent

Three Percent: Bear Hunting in Pennsylvania

Paddy Cotter created this story "Three Percent" last year as part of Penn State's The John Curley Center For Sports Journalism.

10/18/19 | 3m 22s


WPSU's Isabel Reinert

WPSU Gives Back

WPSU and Penn State Outreach planted trees last week for ClearWater Conservancy as part of its PNC Bank Day of Caring for Centre County United Way.

10/17/19 | 1m 37s


Punkin' Chunkin' Catapault

Punkin’ Chunkin’ in Bald Eagle Valley

You can eat, drink and watch pumpkins fly through the air at the Howard Fire Company’s annual Pumpkin Chunkin Festival held every October.

10/3/19 | 4m 8s


WPSU Staff

WPSU Overall Station Excellence Emmy® Award

We had a great year celebrating our Emmy® Aard win for Overall Station Excellence and taking it on the road to thank our supporters. THANK YOU!

9/27/19 | 1m 14s


Martin Melville whistling

The Whistling Woodsman

Meet Martin Melville, a professional logger and competitive whistler.

9/6/19 | 2m 25s


Older woman holding framed photo of young woman

Centre County Hosts Remembrance

Centre County hosted a candlelight remembrance on August 29 to honor those who died of a drug overdose.

9/6/19 | 1m 42s


jazz festival

Lock Haven Jazz Festival

The town of Lock Haven held its annual Jazz Festival August 16-17, 2019. Check out this segment from Our Town: Lock Haven!

9/6/19 | 2m 53s



WPSU Kids’ Day at DelGrosso’s Park

We asked kids at Kids’ Day what their favorite PBS KIDS program is. Here’s what they answered!

8/23/19 | 1m 55s


moon landing

Apollo Moon Landing 50 Years Ago

On July 20, 2019, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first human moon landing.

7/19/19 | 2m 54s


Penn State Apollo 11 event

Penn State Honors 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11

On July 16, 2019 the NASA Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium and Penn State honored the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11!

7/19/19 | 58s


Arts Festival 1967

Arts Festival 1967

Time for a flashback… all the way to 1967 for the first Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts! WPSU was there! Were you?

7/11/19 | 1m 49s


Everett Railroad

Everett Railroad Train Excursions in Blair County

The Everett Railroad train excursions gave folks an inside look at life on the home front during the 1940’s.

7/10/19 | 3m 22s


Eliot Ness Festival

Eliot Ness Fest in Coudersport, PA

Coudersport will celebrate its second Eliot Ness Fest July 19-21, 2019. Take a look at last year’s festival in this segment from Our Town Coudersport.

7/9/19 | 3m 40s


Illustration of tick removal

Tick Talk

Dr. Jennifer Delozier shares tips on how to avoid tick bites and what to do if you are bitten by a tick.

6/28/19 | 4m 24s


Thomas Paquette

Thomas Paquette: A Painter From Warren, PA

Thomas Paquette's landscape paintings have been featured in more than 50 solo exhibitions in museums and prominent galleries in cities around the country.

6/24/19 | 3m 15s


Bicycle Facts

Bicycle Facts

Did you know that bike riding is the most efficient muscle-powered form of travel?

6/6/19 | 53s


memorial day

Memorial Day: Our Town Boalsburg

Learn more about the Memorial Day celebration in Boalsburg in this clip from the Our Town series.

5/24/19 | 2m 42s


Vote 19: Race for the 12th District

U.S. House 12th District Special Election in Pennsylvania

On Tuesday, May 21, voters in the 12th district will choose a new representative in the U.S. House in a special election.

5/17/19 | 46s



Happy Valley Quilts of Valor

Quilts of Valor Foundation was started by a lady in Delaware, Kathy Roberts, in 2003.

5/10/19 | 3m 1s


Mister Rogers Thumbnail

It’s A Beautiful Day: Thank You Mister Rogers

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Fred Rogers's appeal to Congress that stopped a proposal to cut federal funding for public media.

5/1/19 | 1m 42s



Birdwatching in Central Pennsylvania

"Getting to know an area and how it changes through the seasons is probably the most exciting part of birdwatching."

4/26/19 | 4m 25s



How to Prepare for a Marathon

More than 30,000 people took part in the Boston Marathon this year! Ever wonder how many miles you have to run to prepare for a marathon?

4/15/19 | 1m 37s



Powwow: As Long As We Dance

“The drum is the heartbeat of the Indian people. You can feel it in your feet and it moves through your body and you can just feel it in your soul.”

4/3/19 | 3m 52s



Hundreds of Alpacas Gathered for Showcase in Centre Hall

Over three hundred alpacas gathered in Centre Hall in March for an annual showcase hosted by the Pennsylvania Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association.

3/29/19 | 1m 36s


bone is stronger than concrete and steel

Bone Facts

Did you know that as our bodies develop, we would have in total 206 bones by adulthood? Learn more about the bones in your body in this short clip by WPSU Digital Studios!

3/28/19 | 48s


10 reasons to join WPSU

10 Reasons to Join WPSU

Here are 10 reasons to become a member at WPSU! Learn more at wpsu.org/donate.

3/14/19 | 1:01


Phenomenal Women in Pennsylvania

Phenomenal Women in Pennsylvania

Today we celebrate women from all around the globe! Learn about some of these phenomenal women in Pennsylvania.

3/8/19 | 1:32


Black History 101 Mobile Museum

Black History 101 Mobile Museum

“Black History Month is important to me because it allows us to celebrate black lives and I think it should be more than just a month.”

2/28/19 | 2:19



What Does Love Look Like to You?

On Valentine’s Day we celebrate love in many forms. What does love look like to you?

2/21/19 | 2m 21s


Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year at Penn State

WPSU talks to Quichen Fan and Zheng Xing from the Chinese Students and Scholars Association at Penn State about Lunar New Year!

2/7/19 | 1m 21s


People playing pickelball

Learn about Pickleball with the Pickleball Czar!

WPSU's Carolyn Donaldson talks to Pickleball Czar Bo Barrow to learn what is Pickleball?

1/28/19 | 2m 52s


Martin Luther King Jr at Penn State University

Martin Luther King Jr. Speech at Penn State

From our archive: On Jan. 21. 1965, Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech at Penn State. As we celebrate Dr. King's life, let us remember his vision of equality, opportunity, and justice for all.

1/21/19 | 33s


child standing in snow

First Snow in Centre County

WPSU’s Beth Bamford talked to kids in the neighborhood to find out what they loved most about the snow! What do YOU enjoy most about the snow?

1/10/19 | 1m


Older man reading letter

Letters About a Fallen Soldier Reunited with his Namesake

On Veterans Day, Wynn Brown was gifted some letters about a soldier from Kane, Pennsylvania who fought and died in World War I.

12/21/18 | 3m 42s


Winter Celebration at Penn State's Arboretum

The Winter Celebration at the Arboretum

See the beautiful lights displayed at the Winter Celebration at the Arboretum at Penn State. WPSU’s Alex Rabb walks us through the event.

12/20/18 | 55s


people sitting at a table in restaurant

Open Seat Event in State College

The Open Seat event held in State College in December brings people together through local food. Learn more.

12/20/18 | 2m 32s


Runners during Nittany Valley Half Marathon

The 34th Annual Nittany Valley Half Marathon

WPSU's Cole Cullen finds motivation in running as he walks us through the 34th Annual Nittany Valley Half-Marathon.

12/10/18 | 59s


Chabad of Penn State Hosts Menorah Lighting

Chabad of Penn State Hosts Menorah Lighting

Chabad of Penn State celebrated the fourth night of Chanukah tonight by lighting a 12-foot menorah outside of Penn State’s Old Main building.

12/5/18 | 1m


group of people ready to participate in a polar plunge

The YMCA of Centre County 2018 Polar Bear Plunge

Take a look at the YMCA of Centre County's Polar Bear Plunge that was held in December at Black Moshannon State Park.

12/3/18 | 59s


Chad Caldwell tracking deer in woods

A Walk with a Hunter

In welcoming the start of the hunting season, WPSU’s Cassie Caldwell spends a day learning about hunting with her favorite hunter.

11/21/18 | 2m 35s


children participating in craft activities at WPSU studios

Eventapalooza 2018: Did You Solve the Mystery?

Curious families came together to solve a mystery at Eventapalooza!

11/16/18 | 2m 45s


Behind the Scenes at WPSU-FM on Election Night

Election Night: Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes here at WPSU? See what we were up to during election night!

11/8/18 | 48s


young woman with puzzled look on her face

What’s Your District?

Redistricting in Pennsylvania means your congressional district might have changed.

11/5/18 | 1m 19s


fall foliage in Centre County PA

Foliage in Central Pennsylvania

Are you underwhelmed with the foliage colors this year too? Watch this video to understand why the fall colors in Central Pennsylvania were not as impressive this year!

10/29/18 | 2m 34s


computer processors

A Brief History of the Internet

The very first Internet message was sent between UCLA and the Stanford Research Institute in 1969.

10/27/18 | 1m 15s


halloween math

How to Estimate Candy for Trick-or-Treat

Looking for tips on how to estimate the right amount of candy for trick-or-treat?

10/26/18 | 1m 45s


person rappelling of side of building

Rappelling “Over the Edge”

Follow a participant in the “Over the Edge” charity event as he rappels down the 12-story Fraser Center in downtown State College.

10/11/18 | 1m 25s



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