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Bicycling for Beginners

Bicycling 4 Beginners is a video series that guides new and returning cyclists through topics like bike safety, general maintenance, how to change a flat tire on the trail, and more. With so many new riders in the sport of cycling, there is a natural gap in basic bicycle knowledge and experience. Join our host Don Hampton for a friendly overview of what you need to know to have a better experience on two wheels.

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A bicyclist gesturing toward the rear tire of a bicycle.

Bike Maintenance

In this episode of Bicycling 4 Beginners, we’ll look at the key parts of your bike, from handlebars to derailleurs, and what you can do to prevent damage and discomfort.

6/2/23 | 10m 53s


A man pointing toward a bike rack attached to the back of a vehicle.

Choosing a Bike Rack

This episode of Bicycling 4 Beginners covers the types of bike racks and what to consider to keep your bike safe, secure and free from scratches.

6/1/23 | 5m 40s


man changing a flat bike tire

How to Change a Flat

A flat tire doesn’t need to ruin your ride. This episode gives a step-by-step guide for changing a flat tire far from the comfort of your home.

10/20/22 | 7m 23s


man demonstration cycling gear

Trailhead Tips

Are you ready to take your bike on a trail? Host Don covers key tips for being prepared, having fun, and staying safe on a trail ride.

10/11/22 | 2m 42s


host Don showing basic bike helmet

Bike Basics

We talk bike basics and staying safe and comfortable on your ride. You’ll learn things like how to properly wear a helmet, what to look for in a bike seat, and how to be sure your bicycle is in top shape before heading out.

10/6/22 | 4m 3s



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