Reach Podcast

Telling the stories of researchers, their studies, and how their work impacts you and the world you live in.

Penn State is a national leader in university research and receives over $900 million in funding annually. Each episode will feature researchers, what they are studying, and why it matters to the people listening and the impact in their communities. We will share insights about the collaboration between disciplines, other universities and government agencies. Give a listen as we understand successes, challenges, and the impact of university research.


Reach Podcast

Human and Environmental Health

In the 7th episode of this season of Reach, we talk with Dr. Orfeu Buxton about how your job affects your family.



Reach Podcast

Diseases and Wildlife

In the 6th episode of the Reach podcast, we discuss diseases in wildlife.



Reach Podcast

Spotted Lanternfly

In the 5th episode of the Reach podcast, Dr. Julie Urban joins us in-studio to discuss the Spotted Lanternfly and the severity of the impact to agriculture.



Reach Podcast


This episode, the 4th of the Reach podcast, includes interviews with 2 researchers that talk about not only how technology affects us as humans, but how tech can help us as well.



Reach Podcast

Climate Change

In the third episode of the Reach podcast, we sit down with 3 researchers to talk about climate change.



Reach Podcast

Materials and You

In this, the second episode of the Reach podcast, Beth and Cole sit down with 3 researchers to talk about the materials in your world.



Reach Podcast

The Family

In the first episode of the Reach podcast, we sit down with 3 researchers to talk about family-related issues.




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