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Instructor shows students petri dish


Science-U is a summer camp at Penn State University exploring every inch of the universe!

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Science U students

Science-U at Home Special

In this special, campers, mentors and instructors at the Penn State Science-U summer science camp show off the ways parents and caregivers can bring the wonder of science home to kids.

12/26/21 | 25m 46s


lemon battery

Can You Get Power from a Lemon?

Science-U campers test if the acid found in a lemon can generate electricity.

2/9/18 | 2m 13s


Young girl attempting to blow a bubble in a square frame

How to Make Square Bubbles

ScienceU campers experiment to try to make a soap bubble in the shape of a cube.

2/16/16 | 1:52


Several young students putting their hands in a mixture of corn starch and water


When is a liquid not always a liquid and a solid not always a solid? When its "Oobleck"! - the solution of water and corn starch particles that change their state of matter under pressure!

2/2/16 | 1m 40s


Instructor and young female student examine a tooth

Testing Tooth Decay

Will the acid in drinks weaken your teeth? Tooth enamel is tough but can be eroded by acids in your mouth. ScienceU campers tested the acid levels in their favorite drinks.

2/2/16 | 2m 19s


Instructor shows students petri dish

Testing the “5 Second Rule”

Would you eat food that you dropped on the floor if you picked it up in less than five seconds? People call it “the five second rule” but is it true or false?

2/2/16 | 1m 40s


Instructor holding a pizza box, aluminum foil, and other items to make a solar oven

How To Make a Solar Oven

Can you make a s'more using only the power of the sun? ScienceU campers make pizza box solar ovens that can harness the sun's energy to make a s'more.

2/2/16 | 1m 54s


Young girl shows water bottle dyed green from the food coloring in her mouth

The Science of Backwash

Campers at Science-U learn about germs and backwash!

2/2/16 | 1m 46s



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