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JeffTech classroom

JEFF TECH Vocational-Technical School

Learn abou tJEFFTech Vocational-Technical School and what it is doing to keep up with industry trends.




Big Spring Spirits

Discover the science of distilled spirits where a whole host of complex chemical reactions take place in the barrel.



person kayaking along river surrounded by fall foliage

The Bog at Black Moshannon State Park

Take a walk in one of Pennsylvania’s most diverse habitats. The bog at Black Moshannon State park is home to three unique carnivores, and that’s just the plants.



snow boarder sitting down at top of ski slope

Making Snow

SciTech Now takes a look at the atmospheric conditions needed to produce the best powder on the ski slopes.



skulls and other bones on lab table

Bone Density

Learn how our bone density has changed over human history as our lifestyles have become less physically demanding.




Laser Ablation Tomography

Learn about precise 3D images created by using the destructive power of a laser.



Plate of food

Childhood Obesity

Scientists at Penn State are joining forces to fight childhood obesity.



many bundles of different size and species wood boards

Wood Collection

Long forgotten, a wood collection at Penn State is getting a second look. Now, one professor is dedicating his time to organizing it and unlocking its secrets to help advance science.




Sunset Forecast

Discover the world of sunset forecasts being done by Penn State students.



Penn State student standing in front of specrometer

2D Tech

Take a look at the latest advances in the science of 2D technology coming from Penn State University.



Coffee being filtered into a pot


SciTech Now visits two local coffee shops to learn more about the science behind one of the most popular beverages in the world.



Field of Elk

Pennsylvania Elk

Dive deep into the world of Pennsylvania Elk. Learn about how the Elk population was decimated by over-hunting, then restored by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.



Group of people at an insect fair

Insect Fair

The “Great Insect Fair” at Penn State is a great way to explore the natural world and learn about the role bugs play in the ecosystem and the food chain.



Man holding a snowboard standing in front of an airstream trailer covered in decals

Gilson Snowboards

Science on the slopes. A pair of Pennsylvania inventors turned a failed middle school science project into a growing business.



person sitting in front of 3D printer

3D Printing for the Military

The United States Military is taking a major interest in 3D printing and a lab at Penn State is playing a major role in the progress.



Videographer shoots video of turf grass

Penn State Turfgrass Science

There is more to grass than sunshine and soil.  See how Penn State scientists are studying turf to improve performance and keep athletes safe.




More from WPSU Digital

Violinists Mark Minnich and Sally Williams Minnich


METRONOME features local performing artists and groups from a variety of genres playing in their own environments throughout Central Pennsylvania.

Ben Ahlgrim working with hot glass

Pennsylvania Makers

Pennsylvania Makers features local artists showcasing their unique talent and creativity.

Instructor shows students petri dish


Science-U is a summer camp at Penn State University exploring every inch of the universe! Don't forget to walk through our hands-on guides and videos at Science-U @Home!

Elena Zavala

Women in Science Profiles

WiSci Files features local women with careers in science, technology, engineering and math.


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