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Tati And Derek

Tati & Derek

Chefs Tati & Derek share their favorite authentic Peruvian recipes, including Ceviche and Causa!

Partners in both life and work, Tati and Derek have been running The Cakeshop by Tati for a little over a year now. Derek, having grown up in State College, and Tati, having grown up in Lima, Peru, met at The Culinary Institute of America in NY.

From there their relationship began and flourished, following them from school to NYC where they worked at some outstanding and renowned locations. Tati’s background found her eventually working with one of the top cake studios in Manhattan, catering to the likes of Meryl Streep, Cardi B, and Vera Wang. Whereas Derek spent time working at 3 Michelin starred Jean-Georges, managing Llama Inn, and serving and managing at Olmsted, with sporadic trips to Lima to work at Central and a few other smaller restaurants.

Their experiences and ambitions led them to provide State College with flavors, products, and exclusive Pop-up Dinners unlike anything else in the area.

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