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WPSU Science Resources

Explore science content created by WPSU and PBS to discover more about the world around you! There are resources for all ages covering topics of life science, physical science, earth and space science, environmental literacy and sustainability, technology and engineering, and career connections.

Life Science

A cartoon tree on a multi-colored background with "A Season at Shaver's Creek" in large text in the foreground.A Season at Shaver’s Creek

Discover the dynamic ecosystem at Shaver’s Creek with our narrated cam trail footage of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Virtual Field Trips: Shaver’s Creek

Visit Penn State’s Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center and learn about the raptors and reptiles as well as the decomposers who complete the Shaver’s Creek ecosystem.

Virtual Field Trips: Elk Country

Learn about elk history, animal adaptations, and human impact on habitats.

WPSU-FM: BirdNote

Listen to the sounds and stories of the unique lives, habitats, and adaptations of birds.

Science-U: Who are our Closest Ancestors?

Examine fossils to see which hominin species is more closely related to us, modern humans!

An illustration of a green vegetable garden and a blue sky with the words "year-round gardening"Year Round Gardening

Explore gardening tips from sprouting seeds to preserving your harvest throughout the year.

Health Minute

Improve your physical, mental, and emotional health with information on everything from antibiotics to the health benefits of chocolate.

Finding Your Roots the SeedlingsFinding Your Roots: The Seedlings

Investigate “who am I?” with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and learn about inherited traits, genetic diversity, and genealogy with kids.

Reach PodcastReach Podcast: Diseases & Wildlife

Learn how to prevent the next pandemic with research using ticks and mice.

Physical Science

SonificationSciTech Now: Sonification

Listen to how scientists turn data into sound for new discoveries.

children playing with oobleckScience-U: Can Something be Both a Solid and a Liquid?

Learn about the variable viscosity of non-Newtonian fluids and how they change their state of matter under pressure.

soda bottle with mentos stacked on topScience-U: How Does a Soda Geyser Work?

Learn about nucleation and chemical reactions making an explosion with soda and candy!

pull back carsScience-U: Can you Transform a Toy Car into a Pullback Car?

Build a pullback car from simple materials transforming potential energy into kinetic energy.

Mission: Materials Science: Slippery Solids

Discover how dry lubricant materials reduce friction and make objects slip and slide.

Earth and Space Science

Space Discovery

Blast off with WPSU as you explore videos, activities, and resources that spark discovery and curiosity.

Wonders of the Night Sky title cardWonders of the Night Sky

Discover how to find constellations, planets, and more in the night sky.

PA PBS: Family Night Weather & Climate

Learn the difference between weather and climate as well as exciting related careers.

PA PBS: Family Night Space

Explore space without ever leaving the planet while learning how to solve space problems.

PBS: Climate, Nature & Our Planet

Examine our changing climate with the perspectives of climate scientists.

PBS: Weathered

Hear real stories from people affected by natural disasters and learn how we can be prepared.

Our Town From the Sky

Enjoy a scenic aerial tour of some of Central Pennsylvania picturesque towns.

Reach PodcastReach Podcast: Climate Change

Explore how scientists study climate change and document its effects.

Environmental Literacy and Sustainability

Virtual Field Trips: Centre County Refuse and Recycling

Reduce, reuse, and recycle: discover how recycling gets sorted and processed after it leaves your home.

A kid and an instructor standing in a stream and conducting scientific observations.Science-U: Can you tell if a stream is healthy?

Learn about stream ecology and how to look for signs that a stream is healthy and supporting the surrounding ecosystem.

Instructor holding a pizza box, aluminum foil, and other items to make a solar ovenScience-U: Can You Cook a S’more without Fire or Electricity?

Cook a s’more using the renewable energy of the sun and a pizza box.

Science-U: What do Bumblebees do all day?

Learn how entomologists safely observe the daily habits of bees.

Liquid Assets

Explore the history and challenges of our cities’ water infrastructure.

researcher looking at algae in pondMicrobes Clean Abandoned Mine Pollution

Investigate abandoned mines and how scientists are using microbes to clean up the pollutants in these environments.

Water Blues Green Solutions

Hear about simple ways people and companies can protect, restore, and preserve water from strategies to manage stormwater, creating a raingarden, to reusing wastewater.

Reach PodcastReach Podcast: Spotted Lanternfly

Investigate the severe impact the spotted lanternfly has on agriculture and our ecosystem.

Technology and Engineering

PA PBS: Family Night Engineering

Engage in hands-on engineering activities and learn about cool careers.

Mission: Materials Science: Sand Structures

Learn about composite materials by b;uilding  sand towers using of different substances.

Geospacial RevolutionGeospatial Revolution

Explore geographic information system mapping technology and its impact on life and privacy.

Virtual Field Trips: WPSU Studios

Learn how we use light and sound to create and broadcast your favorite WPSU and PBS shows.

Reach PodcastReach Podcast: Technology

Examine how technology affects us in both helpful and harmful ways.

Reach PodcastReach Podcast: Materials & You

Discover how materials scientists develop new substances to do everything from creating sensors to building stronger bones.


Elena ZavalaWomen in Science Profiles

Learn about women scientists, their research, and their journeys.

Ben Ahlgrim working with hot glassPennsylvania Makers

Explore PA artists and their unique talents and creativity.

Mission: Materials Science: Scientists in Action

Hear directly from materials scientists about their discoveries of new, innovative technologies.

Career Ready Resource

Consider different careers and the pathways that will get you there.