Chef Janejira Kalsmith

WPSU World Kitchen host Tamra Fatemi welcomes guest chef Janejira Kalsmith for this month’s episode.

Janejira demonstrates how to create Basil Chicken with Rice and Egg and Thai coffee.

Chef Janejira Kalsmith was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and now holds triple citizenship in America, Thailand, and Italy. Her culinary training began at a very young age in her family-owned Thai restaurant in Chicago, where she says the kitchen became her passion. Her gourmet cooking later expanded during travels across continents, where she enjoyed exploring regional cuisines — especially the many distinctly unique culinary regions of Italy. She also earned a master’s degree in industrial design at the Pratt Institute in New York.

When she is not designing kitchens, baths, and other things, she enjoys teaching people how to cook authentic Thai and Italian cuisines at Janejira’s Kitchen. She has taught internationally during her extensive travels throughout the world. Janejira resides in State College, Pennsylvania, with her husband and their two children.

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