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As teachers, students, and families deal with school closures, WPSU and PBS have come together to curate a special collection of educational resources. Whether you are a caregiver working with children or an educator planning distance learning, you’ll find videos, lesson plans, and activities that support learning at home.



Daily Learning Activities

HD Channel Grades PreK-12

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WPSU World

Grades 6-12 from Noon-6pm

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Science U at Home


Created by WPSU, Science-U@Home offers easy to advanced at-home science activities you can do with materials you have at home.


NOVA Resources for At-Home Learning

An extensive list of resources and original content—including short-form videos, science and education blogs—produced by NOVA.

Mission: Material Science!

Penn State’s Center for Nanoscale Science releases a new website full of family-friendly, at-home science experiments.

Finding Your Roots the Seedlings

Finding Your Roots – The Seedlings

Explore the web series and accompanying curriculum as 13 young people learn about their ancestry through a genetics and genealogy camp at Penn State.


PreK to Grade 2

Activity of the Weekyoung girl watching rain through window

Experience the Weather With Your Senses

When you are out and about, invite your child to feel how warm or cool it is, feel the wind on her skin, listen for the rain or wind and smell the air.  (There is no link for this one! Try it!)

Science-U Activity of the Weekflashlight constellations

 Flashlight Constellations

Learn about the stories and science behind some well-known constellations.

Word Machine

WPSU Games for PreK-2

Educational games by WPSU for kids up to Grade 2.


PBS Kids Website

Educational games and videos from Curious George, Wild Kratts, and other PBS KIDS shows!

Grades 3 to 5

Activity of the WeekCat in the Hat

Exploring Weather

Does your child like to splash in rain puddles or watch the clouds as they move across the sky? You can help your child learn about weather by making a simple weather chart together and observing the weather with all their senses!

Science-U Activity of the Weekair powered rocket

Air Pressure Rockets

How do you launch a rocket without using fuel?

Detectives Notebook

WPSU Games for Grades 3-5

Reading comprehension games by WPSU for kids in grades 3 to 5.

design squad global

Design Squad Global

Be creative and help people with engineering at DESIGN SQUAD GLOBAL. Watch videos, play games, try activities, and share designs with the community.

Grades 6 to 12

Activity of the Weekclouds

Clouds and Weather

Learn about the relationships among the Sun, clouds, and weather in this video excerpt from NOVA’s Cloud Lab.

Science-U Activity of the Weeks'mores

Solar Oven S’mores

Can you cook a s’more without a fire or electricity?

crash course

Crash Course

Fast-paced, imaginative videos on science, social studies, history and literature.


WPSU Games for Grades 6-12

Math challenge games using statistics and algebra for grades 6 to 12.


PBS Kids Daily Newsletter

PBS Kids Daily Newsletter

Tips and activities to keep your kids engaged and learning while at home.

PBS Parents

PBS Parents Website

Find parenting tips, hands-on activities, games, and apps for grades PreK-3 to help you raise kind, curious, and resilient children.

Sesame Street in Communities

Sesame Street in Communities

Hundreds of multi-media tools to help kids and families enrich and expand their knowledge during the early years of birth through six.

Stacy Abrams with group

How to Talk Honestly with your Kids about Race

These resources can help you have meaningful conversations about racism and being anti-racist.


Educator Resources

PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media

Standards-aligned educational material and curriculum that can be used by teachers and parents.

PBS Education

PBS Education

PBS provided resources for teachers, including TeacherLine, Digital Innovators, and Teacher’s Lounge.

Penn State College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

Open Educational Resources

Access nearly all online courses developed by the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, in subjects such as energy, geospatial technology, cartography, and geology.

Penn State College of Education

K-12 Resources for Educators

A curated collection of learning resources brought to you by the Education Department at Penn State.