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Public Media for Central Pennsylvania

WPSU Studios Virtual Field Trip

Explore our television and radio production studios and see how your favorite PBS shows make it to your television and other devices at home! Learn about the different jobs it takes to create and manage a tv/radio station.


Pennsylvania Makers

Pennsylvania Makers features local artists showcasing their unique talent and creativity.


WITF Careers That Work

WITF’s Careers That Work is an ongoing, evolving multimedia initiative highlighting workforce development in south central Pennsylvania. We’ll highlight career options you may not have considered. Some of these careers require higher education while others require real world experience. One thing they all require is passion.


WQED Future Jobs (K-12)

Pittsburgh’s workforce is changing. WQED wants to help students and job-seekers to discover new, promising career options when they start their job search, plus raise awareness about the workforce development that is already underway, helping the economy grow as workers find fulfilling careers and thrive in the Pittsburgh region.


WVIA Careers That Work

To address the concerns of developing a properly skilled and prepared local workforce, WVIA is partnering with the 1994 Charles B. Degenstein Foundation to produce a multi-faceted media and related curriculum initiative called Careers that Work that will focus on educating and preparing students for well-paying jobs that fulfill the employment needs of growing industries throughout our region.


WPSU Internships

WPSU Penn State offers undergraduate student internships year-round in various departments within the organization


WPSU Women in Science Profiles

Women In Science Profiles (WiSci Files) is an innovative project from WPSU Penn State aimed at inspiring young women to enter careers in the captivating fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The videos feature aspects of their personal and professional lives, aiming to dispel stereotypes about who STEM professionals are and what their lives are like.



Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers take on a variety of directions. Learn about them from interviews with various professionals such as a construction project manager and an environmental lawyer.


Career Readiness Scavenger Hunts

Student, parent, and teacher scavenger hunts for the WPSU Career Readiness website.