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Steve MacLean: Conservationist

In his role as a conservationist, MacLean works to preserve biodiversity in the Bering Sea, a unique marine environment being threatened by climate change. Brought up in the Alaska Native ways of knowing, he explains that Alaskan cultures are intimately connected with nature and suggests that people should not be separated from natural systems when considering solutions to environmental issues.


Kite Design: How are we getting our energy?

As our need for more sustainable and long-term energy sources increases, so do our need for the engineers that make them accessible. Damon Vander Lind is a kite designer for Makani Power, a wind power generation company owned by Google. He worked there as an intern after he graduated from MIT and loved his work so much that he stayed. He now leads a team that builds high-altitude kites that generate and collect more energy than conventional wind turbines.


Kate Rubins: An Astronaut Give Career Advice to Kids

Astronaut Kate Rubins talks about what jobs she had when she was younger and tells middle schoolers to focus on the subjects and projects that they find interesting.


Dava Newman: Former Deputy Administrator for NASA

Have you ever wondered how important people get to where they are? NASA’s deputy director, Dava Newman, shares her path in this segment brought to you by STEM in 30.


Industry Salaries & Demand

Check out the poster about wages and annual job openings.