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Entrepreneurship: What Is an Entrepreneur?

Learn about the qualities and characteristics of an entrepreneur as explained by some of Georgia’s most innovative and successful companies, including Aflac, Georgia-Pacific, Home Depot, Delta Airlines, and Coca-Cola.


Entrepreneurship: Start It Up!

Do you have what it takes to succeed in business? Are you ready to put your brilliant ideas and management skills to the test? Welcome to Start It Up, where you get to launch and run your own fictional venture—and see how well you would fare in the stressful and exciting world of entrepreneurship.


Career Awareness & Preparation: STEM Careers

Learn from various STEM professions about their careers and the work that they do.


Career Awareness & Preparation: Talking Jobs

Watch this peer-to-peer video series designed to lead first-time career seekers on a personal discovery of job possibilities. Smart tips and important considerations about life skills, job markets, workplace culture, and the gig economy can help pave the way to successful, rewarding futures.


Establishing & Maintaining Relationships: Nonverbal Communication

In this interactive lesson, learners raise their awareness of the importance of nonverbal communication skills in the workplace, no matter their chosen career field. Learners focus on three aspects of nonverbal communication and the influence these have on how people are perceived in interviews and on the job.


Social Problem Solving Skills: Listening in the Workplace

Discover why the crucial factor that can determine whether your next workplace interaction goes well isn’t what you say, but how you listen, in this video from the Career Hacks collection. Host Camille talks with two professionals and learns what not to do in her next interview. She also learns simple things she can do to show respect to anyone she talks with and truly hear what they’re saying.


Career Acquisition: Dressing Well for Work or an Interview

Join Camille as she learns the secrets to dressing well for the workplace in this video from the Career Hacks collection. Camille explores appropriate—and not-so-appropriate—attire for situations like a job interview. She also shares expert advice on how to dress for work without sacrificing one’s personality and how to build a winning workplace wardrobe on a budget.


Career Acquisition: Making a Good First Impression

Learn why the first impression you make is a big part of whether people take you seriously in the workplace in this video from the Career Hacks collection. People are constantly forming impressions of others—sometimes without even knowing it. Camille and her expert guests offer advice on how to control the impression you make—both in person and online—which could make a big difference in your next meeting or job interview.


Self-Awareness & Self Management: Punctuality

A workplace trainer and employees in the healthcare and transportation industries explain how being on time in a work environment is important for productivity and safety.


Career Advancement: Asking Questions

Employees, employers, and a workforce trainer describe how asking questions on the job can help you improve and impress employers by demonstrating your willingness to learn.


Career Acquisition: Interviewing

Managers and employees in fields like healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing explain why it’s important to make a good first impression at a job interview and give some tips for preparing for one.


Career Retention & Advancement: Problem Solving

Problem solving is a key aspect of many kinds of jobs. Employees and managers in several industries give examples of problem solving in the workplace.


Career Acquisition: Learning on the Job

Many hiring managers are looking for someone who is willing to learn new skills and be adaptable, and learning on the job can benefit employees throughout their careers.


Self-Awareness & Self Management: Time Management

Employees and managers in various industries explain why good time management skills make your work easier, safer, and more productive.


Career Retention & Advancement: Knowing Your Audience

A customer service representative explains how the language you use in an email to customers may be different from the language you use in messages to coworkers or friends.


Social Problem Solving Skills: Conflict Resolution

A manager and an employee explain the importance of communication and seeing issues from another person’s perspective in order to quickly and effectively resolve conflicts in the workplace.


Establishing & Maintaining Relationships: Respecting Your Team Members

Employees describe the importance of treating coworkers with respect and working well with people of diverse backgrounds and ages.


Establishing & Maintaining Relationships: Communicating at Work

Knowing how to communicate in a positive, professional, and constructive way is one of the most important job skills you can develop. Employers value people who work well as part of a team and who can talk respectfully to customers and clients, especially when problems and complaints arise. In this interactive lesson, students will learn the importance of interpersonal communication skills, listening skills, and making a good impression.


Career Acquisition: The Interview

Make a great impression at your next job interview with this lesson from KET’s Workplace Essential Skills series. This self-paced lesson includes videos from a professional career counselor, interactive practice opportunities to get you thinking about your strategy, and more activities you can try at home on your own.


Career Awareness & Preparation: Job Search

Searching for a new job? Learn effective strategies for finding job opportunities, going through the application process, and interviewing with this lesson from KET’s Workplace Essential Skills series. This self-paced lesson includes advice from professionals who hire people like you and strategies for success. As part of the lesson, you will have the opportunity to review sample application materials and take notes to create, save and/or print your own.


Career Acquisition: How to Write a Resume

WHYY Education provides career exposure to students through paid summer work experiences. These resources will provide students with the resources they need in order to begin their pathway to a meaningful career in the media industry.