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Equine Veterinarian

A doctor of equine medicine is a horse veterinarian. We visit Allegheny Equine in Murrysville, Pennsylvania and talk with the veterinarians who describe their jobs, give career advice, and explain how equine care differs from the work of small animal vets.


SciTech Now – Making Ice Cream

Meet a young woman whose involved with making some of the best ice cream in the country. Also, a scientist who is uncovering history using ancient DNA. And learn about the story, behind the story, of NASA’s hidden figures.


M&C Cakery

Melissa and Catie create objects that are as delicious as they are beautiful. Experience the imagination and talent they bring to every creation from M&C Cakery.


Mt. Nittany Winery

Nestled in the hills of Central Pennsylvania, Mt. Nittany Winery has been making wine for over 25 years. Explore the vineyards and winery with vintner Scott Hilliker and experience the passion that goes into every bottle.


Cheese by the Numbers

Do you know how many people are employed by the U.S. cheese industry? Also, do you know how to become a food scientist? Find out in this episode of Cheese Cubed!


Kyle Niedfeldt Zenz – Farming

In this video from PBS Wisconsin Education, learn about Kyle Niedfeldt Zenz, a fourth generation farmer in Bangor, WI, who is the farm manager at Old Oak Family Farm. Watch as she describes the diverse crops and animals raised on the farm and the challenges they face from climate change, including pests and disease.


Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural engineers explain their work and how they use biology and engineering to make farms energy-efficient and our food supply safe and plentiful. They describe what drew them to agricultural engineering and their education and career paths.


Careers in Wildlife

Learn more about how to find a career – or volunteer job! – in the vastly varied field of wildlife, as we highlight a wide range of backgrounds and education paths that can lead people to working with wildlife. This episode features several different people working with or for wildlife, highlighting a collection of stories from their daily lives.


Industry Salaries & Demand

Check out the poster about wages and annual job openings.