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Careers That Work

Careers that Work introduces your students to the real-life application of skills found in the workplace and provides an understanding of career opportunities and their requisite pathways for empowered employment. Our nation’s aging workforce will soon be leaving the employment pool, creating a need for new employees to fill the coming vacancies. This, along with expanded automation and a rapidly evolving economy requiring skilled and adaptable employees, indicates an urgent need to address the specific requirements of key and growing industries.


I can Be What?!

I Can Be What?! is an engaging career exploration series that gives kids a sneak peek into the world of careers. Hosted by science communicator and electrical engineer Jennifer Indovina, each episode explores a unique job, highlighting what makes it fun, as well as the responsibilities, skills, and education needed. The main goal of I Can Be What?! is to provide an entryway into career exploration for elementary-aged students. The series is also available on YouTube.


SciGirls Role Model Profiles

SciGirls has the bold goal of changing how millions of girls think about science, technology, engineering and math—or STEM. The shows’ female mentors offer girls a glimpse of exciting STEM career possibilities.


Careers in Demand

Careers in Demand is ideal for high school students trying to determine which career pathway is right for them. The collection provides a snapshot of what a career in one of Kentucky’s high-demand industries might look like, including education and experi­ence needed to get these jobs, salary ranges, work environment, and the projected number of job openings over a five-year period.


Career Awareness & Preparation: Talking Jobs

Watch this peer-to-peer video series designed to lead first-time career seekers on a personal discovery of job possibilities. Smart tips and important considerations about life skills, job markets, workplace culture, and the gig economy can help pave the way to successful, rewarding futures.


KSPS Career Explore Northwest

Career Explore Northwest is a community tool designed to guide youth and adult learners, through job spotlight videos and job/industry data information, toward a successful job or career. Under each industry cluster you will find a collection of videos that highlight different types of jobs that are available in the Spokane/North Idaho region. Career Explore Northwest is a project of KSPS Public Television, in partnership with the Spokane Workforce Council. May your journey begin!


Career Connections

Young professionals tell us about their jobs and take us behind the scenes to show us what they do every day. Learn about Ohio’s in-demand jobs, and what it takes to get there. Career Connections is a powerful career resource for any student!


Careers in Theater

Check out these interviews with individuals who work in theater.


Science, Technology, and Engineering Careers

Check out these interviews with individuals in science, technology, and engineering careers.


Career Hacks

Success in one’s career depends on much more than just earning good grades in school. Help increase learners’ workforce readiness by building strengths in key interpersonal skills, such as problem solving, leadership, communication, teamwork and collaboration, and critical thinking, using this collection of resources produced by WGBH. The resources can be used to engage learners with media and prompt rich discussion in the classroom and other educational settings.


Roadtrip Nation

Wondering what to do with your life? We’ve been there, and we’re here to help. No matter where you’re at on your career journey, our tools and resources will help you find your way forward.


Soft Skills Collection

Check out this collection of essential soft skills for the workplace.


Career and Workforce Development (3-12)

Learn about workplace skills such as verbal and nonverbal communication and interviewing. Learn about careers with robotics, advanced technology, and media.


Careers in Engineering & Technology (3-12)

In Careers in Engineering & Technology, students will take an up close look at the plethora of engineering and technology occupations. Discover how jobs ranging from a paramedic, a firefighter, and a roller coaster designer all have a background in engineering and technology.


Careers in Earth and Space Science (3-12)

Delve into the study of plate tectonics and journey to the outer edges of the universe with lessons and learnings in Earth and Space Science.


SciGirls (3-15)

SciGirls has the bold goal of changing how millions of girls think about science, technology, engineering and math—or STEM. Each half-hour episode highlights the processes of science and engineering, following a different group of middle school girls who design, with the help of scientist mentors, their own inquiry-based investigations on a variety of topics.


Math in the Work Force

In a world where we have calculators and search engines, why is math still a necessary skill to have in many career paths? From fashion design to astrobiology, math is the backbone of those jobs, and this collection will show you exactly why. Being able to do math means being able to win a fencing match or saving someone’s life!


Engineering Your Future (3-12)

Engineering Your Future shares real stories from young professionals who want to inform and inspire students about in-demand engineering careers.


Kids Work! (K-5)

Kids Work! is a virtual community of workplaces designed to give students an interactive job exploration experience that connects school work to real work. View profiles from real professionals.


A-Z Career Lab (3-5)

There’s a cool career for every kid! Explore career options from A to Z with the Lab Squad kids as they meet and interview career professionals. The kids share lots of career ideas in every episode so be sure to watch them all, A to Z! If a kid can see it, they can be it!


Careers in Science (6-12)

In this media-rich lesson, students explore careers in science through profiles of Alaska Native scientists. They consider how traditional ways of knowing and Western approaches to science can complement each other and allow students to incorporate their own interests when considering careers in science.


Career Spotlight (6-12)

Career Spotlight includes videos focusing on science careers in biotechnology and renewable energy.


WPSU Women in Science Profiles

Women In Science Profiles (WiSci Files) is an innovative project from WPSU Penn State aimed at inspiring young women to enter careers in the captivating fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The videos feature aspects of their personal and professional lives, aiming to dispel stereotypes about who STEM professionals are and what their lives are like.