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Talking About Compassion

Yadina and Brad are ready to start their best friends tea party when they notice another girl nearby is all alone. Should they invite her to join them? How can they have a best friends tea party with someone they don’t know? With a little help from Berby, we revisit Confucius who helped us understand about compassion, that we should treat others the way we want to be treated. Confucius helps Yadina show compassion to make the girl’s day extra special.


Finding a Way to Play

This video features two young boys as they find different ways of playing together. They each find different toys and sometimes even work on different activities, but they find a way to play together.


Taking Sides

Explore the problems and tensions created by misunderstandings and the inability to listen to diverse points of view in this video from the PBS KIDS series ARTHUR. When best friends Arthur and Buster disagree about what happened while they were playing a game, they begin a “feud” that spreads among their friends. Fueled by gossip, the characters split into warring “teams.” Eventually, the friends resolve their differences and come together to build the best snow fort ever.


You Can Count on Me

Peg and Cat sing a song about how they can count on each other for help. Are there friends or family in your life that you can count on?


PBS KIDS Talk About: Friendship

What qualities make a good friend? PBS KIDS asked real families to share what makes a good friend, what to do when someone is being a bully, and how to be a friend to others.


Celebrate Family Diversity

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Use this activity with a group of children (like an organized playgroup) to celebrate differences.


Celebrate Family Traditions

Share a special family tradition with your child and talk about how your tradition honors your heritage and history. Then, help your child share your tradition with a friend!