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Mechanical Engineer: Alvin

Meet Alvin Wilkerson, a Mechanical Engineer at Inteva Products and a maker space entrepreneur, who designs car interiors and other automotive parts.


Thomas Edison: Inventor and Entrepreneur

Students will learn about the inventions and path to success of Thomas Edison by watching a short biographical video, analyzing a photograph of Edison and one of his most famous inventions, and reading a letter written by Edison to a Minnesota high school student. The lesson concludes with students assessing and updating one of Edison’s many inventions.


Industrial Engineer: Jada

Meet Jada Cooper-Taylor, an Industrial Engineer and Operations Manager for Target. She is also a beauty entrepreneur with her own makeup line for Adaj Beauty.


Carrie Frost: Fly Fishing Boss

Carrie Frost was a fly fishing entrepreneur who paved the way for other female business owners in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Despite the fact that women could not vote and in many cases could not own property, Carrie Frost created a successful manufacturing company, and she gave over 150 Stevens Point women a chance to earn their own wages in a time when they were not often able to do so.


What Is an Entrepreneur?

Learn about the qualities and characteristics of an entrepreneur as explained by some of Georgia’s most innovative and successful companies, including Aflac, Georgia-Pacific, Home Depot, Delta Airlines, and Coca-Cola.