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Time Management

In this video segment from TV411, Ruby’s mother is unhappy with Ruby’s grades at school. Ruby claims that she is very busy and has many different activities, so she doesn’t have much time for her homework. To help make sure she has more time for studying, Ruby and her mother work together to create a weekly schedule.


Finding a Way to Play

This video features two young boys as they find different ways of playing together. They each find different toys and sometimes even work on different activities, but they find a way to play together.


Resilience and Leadership

Resilience and Leadership are important concepts for all ages. Ruby helps restore a broken friendship, as Lamar helps a journalist become a great reporter and leader!


You Can Count on Me

Peg and Cat sing a song about how they can count on each other for help. Are there friends or family in your life that you can count on?


Practice Self-Control

Self-control is an important skill for children to develop so they can do things like not hit when they feel angry or learn to stop playing when they have to go to the bathroom. Here’s a jazzy way to help your child practice self-control by combining music with this “freeze” game.


Weekly Planner

Use this weekly planner to help your child prepare for the days ahead and keep track of weekly schedules.