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Job Song

A melody about different types of jobs, like farmer and teacher. This resource introduces the concept of work and some of the jobs people can do to earn money.


Encouraging Your Little Chef

While we typically think about following specific recipes when we cook or bake, making food is an art as much as it is a science! Use this activity to get your child thinking about how food is prepared and how fun it can be.


Molly’s Recipe Book

Use Molly’s recipe book to get cooking with family and friends.


Go on a Safari at Home

You don’t have to travel to Africa to experience the excitement of going on safari. Help your child practice their observation skills at home with this twist on the game of hide and seek.


Stargazing and Other Astronomy Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

Space is a fascinating and sometimes confusing topic for kids. Ready Jet Go! helps take the complexity of space and explain it in language kids can understand. If you want to take their curiosity further, here are a few simple ways parents and kids can explore the wonders of astronomy together.


Plant Journal

Track plant growth in this plant journal based on the PBS KIDS show Elinor Wonders Why! Assemble the printable plant journal, use the instructions to grow a plant, and record the changes you see each day. Then, unfold the journal to see the plant’s growth over time.