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What are Tools?

Abby Brown loves to help kids have fun while learning! In this segment, Abby teaches kids how tools can help with a variety of jobs, and that it’s important to have the right tool for the job!


Grow an Herb Garden

Learn about the basics of botany and plant growth by growing an herb garden with your child.


Happy Healthy Snack Chart

Keep track of all the healthy snacks you eat. Draw a picture of the foods under each day of the week.


Nature Observation Bingo

Elinor always wonders why — why do birds sing, why do ants march, and why do butterflies fly? She asks questions, observes nature and discovers new things every day with her friends. Encourage your child to wonder by creating a nature bingo game to take outside to practice observing and exploring together.


Bird Journal

Encourage children to observe nature and become aware of the animals that live all around us.


What Makes the Sea Rise?

A glacier is a big mass of ice and snow. Glaciers can grow and shrink, and they can even “flow” like slow-moving rivers. In this activity, you and your child will investigate how melting glaciers can cause the sea level to rise and change the Earth’s landscape.


Investigating Leaves

Compare two leaves. How are they different? How are they the same?


Go on a Safari at Home

You don’t have to travel to Africa to experience the excitement of going on safari. Help your child practice their observation skills at home with this twist on the game of hide and seek.


5 Fun Ways to Engage Your Child in Weather Watching

Children are naturally curious, and their curiosity about the weather outside is no exception. Use these five tips from Cyberchase to take measurements, make observations, and engage your child in some fun, math-based weather-watching!


How to Help Your Child Think Like a Scientist

As parents and caregivers, we don’t need special training in science or engineering to help our child develop inquiry skills. Young kids love to experiment, explore, and figure out how the world works – and that is the heart of thinking like a scientist!