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Daniel Wassmer

Party: Keystone
Office: US Senate

What is your position on abortion policy?

I am pro-choice. A woman has the right to make her healthcare decision with her doctor. I believe this to be one of the rights guaranteed by the 9th Amendment which specifically states that: The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. If we erode any rights we actually start down the slippery slope of opening others to erosion which can then be adjusted politically at a whim.

What is your position on voting administration? (ex: mail-in ballots, drop boxes, voter ID, etc.)

I would allow full access to voting by any means possible. Coupled with this we must acknowledge that individuals on the ballot were placed there pursuant to the first amendment protections guaranteed in the constitution. The chilling of third party access by the duopoly party actually shows their arrogance in failing to guarantee the rights of people with dissenting opinions. Sadly the press plays a great role in perpetuating this by ignoring other candidates on the ballot. I welcome the fact that you have offered this opportunity to actually explore the views of the individuals I represent.

What is your position on gun ownership policy?

I am a second amendment advocate. With that being said I thought the insane conduct I witnessed on January 6th and its predicate conduct that far too many people in this country hero worship politicians. We have seen time and again such situations resulting in the type of violent behavior that occurred on that day in January. While I distain violence I also believe that individuals have a right to protection. Although not asked here I am also a huge advocate for mental health and other healthcare issues. I wish we would take all of the money we spend on government studies related to guns and actually plow that into mental health as well as healthcare. We would save far more people in this country by acting in a forward thinking, pragmatic manner.

What is your position on immigration policy?

I am an open borders advocate for a multiple number of reasons which no other candidates address. First off the US is virtually the same size as China yet China has 4 to 5 times our population. In my world immigration should be encouraged not discouraged if we really wish to compete with China. Secondly, immigrants would actually make up shortfalls in Social Security based upon our declining birth rate. Thirdly ending the war on drugs a failed 51 year plus disaster and reallocating those resources to healthcare as well as mental health actually reduced crime and addiction in Portugal. Doing this would actually slow immigration (due to homeland violence) as well as put drug cartels out of business. If done in conjunction with major changes which the duopoly fails to address we would have substantial beneficial changes. Note the greatest leaps forward in this country occurred when we had an open doors policy. We should do this again instead of forcing every would be immigrant to obtain legal representation to legally remain here – a concept I find absurd.

What are your positions on economic policy and job creation (ex: inflation reduction, taxes, regulations, etc.)?

We currently have 2 job openings for every would be employee. This is highly inflationary since it drives up the cost of labor to compete. Even though wages rise vs inflation it often amounts to a real loss. Accordingly we should allow greater immigration as opposed to less immigration. I also support companies like Tesla (which is actually an off grid power company) in their efforts to move us to free market energy options. As a free marketer I believe that we are over-regulated often to a detriment. Our tax structure needs to be revamped and how we finance things need to be changed. These are all interrelated issues which are way to lengthy to discuss at length here however no other politicians are taking this approach. Electing an independent senator in PA would afford substantial benefits to both the state and the federal government since I would rationally tackle these issues!

What is your position on climate change and environmental policy?

I would like to see a national dialogue on this issue. Even I a former environmental science major have questions. For some background this issue was initially raised in 1980 in a report called the Global 2000 report. It wasn’t until 1988 that it became a hit button political issue. Candidly I have followed what has been advertised as science on this issue and I have a lot of unanswered questions. A National sit down discussion without the normal bi-polar screaming match DC generally engages in would be a good honest first step. As someone who is unaligned and willing to change my views when presented accurate evidence think of how beneficial an open minded individual would be to protect our environment.

What is your position on criminal justice reform?

One of my biggest agenda items. I ran for the PA Attorney General in 2020 discussing this issue. At a minimum we need to 1) end qualified immunity 2) have law enforcement officers independently obtain insurance (instead of making bad policing a government expense) and 3) permit unions to underwrite these policies! This is a win, win for everyone but bad cops who would be removed from law enforcement if they couldn’t obtain insurance. As a former FOP lawyer who was involved with representing police engaged in improper conduct I can tell you seeing bad cops actually makes the job of good “peace officers” more difficult. Lastly, we need to recognize that every response doesn’t need a police officer. Some issues are mental health issues and we need to create a national call system to allow immediate response in such manners.

What is your position on LGBTQ rights? (ex: marriage, adoption, sports participation)

LGBTQ individuals are all of my brothers and sisters also! Everyone should be treated equally and fairly. I was interested in Katlin Jenner’s position on sports participation but would like to see what becomes of this with the NCAA before it becomes a legislative issue. I hope that they adequately address this because I believe it can be dealt with reasonably and intelligently. Candidly I have a boat load of friends in that community and any attack on them I consider an attack as if it were perpetrated on my own family.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Look to my website and feel free to contact me if you have any more issues. I am a listener and a representative voice. My purpose is not to inflame fires but find pragmatic solutions forward. Give you neighbors a hug instead of shaking a fist at them all the time over political issues. Lastly please, please, please stop hero worshiping politicians! It is one of the most outrageous things I have seen and we all have the ability to be kind! Thank you!