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Journeys with Local Historia is a television and digital content series exploring Pennsylvania’s rich local history and geography. Each episode is a journey modeling how learning local history can be a fun adventure! Hosts Matt and Dustin are Local Historia, public historians and educators who will shine light upon the past, guiding viewers as they experience a diverse range of historically significant topics. WPSU and Local Historia bring you Journeys with Local Historia, potential topics may include:

Into the Vaults: Pennsylvania Beer History and Culture

German immigrants played a leading role in Pennsylvania’s beer story. During the later half of the 19th century, German Americans revolutionized beer in America. Local Historia will explore historic German American breweries and their quintessential lager beer! Lager is derived from the German language for “storage” (for fermentation) of lager style beers. As German American breweries spread rapidly across the landscape, so did labyrinths of cold storage “caves” in the days before refrigeration. Some still remain! Join Local Historia as they go into the lagering vaults of three historic breweries across Pennsylvania.

Outlaws: David ‘Robber’ Lewis and Ann Carson

This episode is about a legendary outlaw named David Lewis, also known as the “Robin Hood of Pennsylvania.” Prior to his violent death in 1820, Lewis was a counterfeiter, robbed stagecoaches, escaped from jails, showed mercy to widows, and charmed elites before robbing them blind. But could these extraordinary tales be true? Join Local Historia as they track down the mystery of this dashing outlaw and discover the real David Lewis. This episode will also feature other notorious outlaws like Mrs. Ann Carson, who attempted to kidnap the governor of Pennsylvania.

Ghost Towns and Ruins

Join Local Historia as they explore abandoned sites in Pennsylvania like WWII bunkers used to store explosives, and the consequential death of a small town. Ruins and remnants of the past still have important stories to tell. Towns have been lost to time, government projects, changes in industry, the depletion of resources, and even disasters. A range of sites and towns will be explored to uncover these stories, and keep them alive.

Journeys on the Underground Railroad

We will explore the Central and Western Pennsylvania sites and travels along the complex network of safehouses and routes metaphorically known as the Underground Railroad. Journeys with Local Historia will follow the paths of Freedom Seekers and their stories on the Underground Railroad. Join Local Historia in learning challenging and inspirational lessons in Black history during the days of American slavery.

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If you are interested in supporting the project, contact Don Bedell at donbedell@psu.edu or (814) 863-5596.

About Local Historia

Local Historia is a passion for local history, community, and preservation. In 2019, Local Historia LLC was established by educators, Matt Maris and Dustin Elder, to help people connect with local history through walking tours and engaging content. The mission of Local Historia is to shine light upon the past, connect with communities and learners in the present, and to preserve local history for the future.

Matt Maris of Local HistoriaMatt Maris is the founder of Local Historia and is a public historian, educator, writer, and tour guide.

Dustin Elder of Local HistoriaDustin Elder is a co-owner of Local Historia and is a public historian, former educator, writer, and tour guide.