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WPSU Logo Insulated Tote

This WPSU logo item will have you ready for any food or beverage stop you make.



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NEW WPSU Logo Mug & Coffee Bonus!

WPSU Logo retro Granite style ceramic 15 oz mug with generous D-shaped handle. Black rim, white interior and speckled royal blue design. Compliments of partner Rich Coast Coffee in Lewistown, you mug comes with a 2.5 oz bag of their Happy Valley blend. (light roasted Brazilian & Costa Rican w/ a crisp acidity and a dark roasted Sumatran w/ deep chocolate undertones)



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WPSU Logo Inverted Umbrella

Inverted style umbrella keeps you dry when the umbrella is wet. It closes away from you trapping the water inside instead of dripping on the outside. Has double liner to keep it from being blown inside out. And it stands on it’s on to dry and look beautiful & sculptural wherever you put it!

Black/Royal (darker blue than shown) 48” arc, wood shaft and rubberized handle.