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Select Gift: NATURE: The Hummingbird Effect

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NATURE: The Hummingbird Effect on DVD

Watch how these tiny birds play an outsize role in maintaining some of the richest and wildest environments on Earth, where a whole community of creatures, such as macaws and monkeys, enjoys The Hummingbird Effect.



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The Hummingbird Handbook

An identification guide makes them easy to spot in the wild, with stunning photographs, details on plumage variations, and range maps showing habitats and migration patterns. Need more joy in your life? Let this guide and nature’s aerial jewels help you create a lively haven. Softcover book, 240 pages



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NATURE: The Hummingbird Effect Combo

Includes the NATURE: The Hummingbird Effect DVD, The Hummingbird Handbook paperback book, the Hummer Helper Cage with Nesting Material, and the Dr JBs 16 oz Clean Feeder All Red