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All Creatures Great & Small, Paperback Book

For over thirty years, generations of readers have thrilled to Herriot’s marvelous tales, deep love of life, and extraordinary storytelling abilities. For decades, Herriot roamed the remote, beautiful Yorkshire Dales, treating every patient that came his way from smallest to largest, and observing animals and humans alike with his keen, loving eye. 448 pages



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All Creatures Great & Small, Season One (2-DVD Set)

Fresh out of Glasgow Veterinary College, James Herriot (Nicholas Ralph) follows his dream to become a vet in the magnificent Yorkshire Dales. He soon discovers that treating the animals is as much about treating their owners, and the Dales farmers are a tough crowd to please.



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All Creatures Great and Small, Collection

Includes the All Creatures Great & Small Season One (2-DVD Set), the James Herriot: All Creatures Great and Small paperback book and the Masterpiece: 50 Fabulous Years! Image Changing Mug