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Select Gift: 5 Minute Yoga Fix with Peggy Cappy

$72 Donation

Five-Minute Yoga Fix with Peggy Cappy DVD

The older we are, the greater the need to actively care for our bodies. But Peggy’s yoga exercises help strengthen and maintain the four pillars that support the structure of our bodies: strength, flexibility, balance, and



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 Don’t Get Out of Bed Yet! 10 Easy Exercises to Relieve Back + Hip and Knee Pain Softcover Book

Peggy Cappy has done it again, but this time with a whole new approach to easy stretches: you don’t even have to get out of bed to do them. Includes 59 Color Photos



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5 Minute Yoga Fix Combo

Includes the 5-Minute Fix with Peggy Cappy DVD, the Easy Yoga for Everything with Peggy Cappy (10-DVD Set), the Don’t Get Out of Bed Yet: 10 Easy Exercises to Relieve Back, Hip and Knee Pain paperback book, and the Bedside Water Carafe & Glass Set (only part in image)