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PBS App and Passport FAQs

How do I stream WPSU?

Download the free PBS App on the device of your choice (including your TV if it’s connected to broadband internet). If you can’t find the PBS App in your app store, check here to see if the device is supported. You can also watch videos directly on your desktop or mobile browser by visiting video.wpsu.org or pbs.org.

For step-by-step instructions to download and activate the PBS App on your TV or other device, click here.

Once the app is installed and activated, you’ll have access to thousands of hours of on-demand content, including local programs and favorites like Masterpiece, Great Performances, Antiques Roadshow and PBS NewsHour.

To unlock your WPSU Passport member benefit and view even more programs, follow the onscreen prompts for any show marked with a blue compass logo. You can also click here if you already have an activation code.

Having problems? Click for help resources.

For technical questions, you can also submit a help request to PBS or call 855-856-9778.

For any membership questions, contact WPSU Membership during business hours at passport@wpsu.org or 814-863-5635.

This program says it requires “Passport” to watch – is that different from the PBS App?

Passport and the PBS App are different, but they’re closely related.

The PBS App is a free-for-everyone streaming platform. There’s no fee to download it or to watch many of the programs available. WPSU Passport is a member benefit that gives you extended access to content on the PBS App. That can include early access to programs before they air on TV and access long afterward, along with certain programs only available to Passport members. Passport is available to any member who contributes $60 or more to WPSU or another PBS Station during a 12-month period. If you don’t have Passport, you can still watch many local and national programs on-demand on the PBS App or on the live stream.

How do I tell if Passport is required?

Programs or episodes that require Passport membership will have a blue compass logo on the video’s thumbnail image. The majority of programs that require Passport are available to watch for free for a limited period, usually at least two weeks starting with the date they’re broadcast on TV.

Here’s how the logo looks on the premiere episode of All Creatures Great and Small.

I already downloaded the PBS Masterpiece channel from Amazon Prime. Is that the same thing as Passport?

No. While you can watch many of the same programs offered through Passport, subscription to the Masterpiece channel is unrelated to station membership, and your local station does not get a direct benefit. If you enjoy this programming, we hope you’ll consider becoming a station member.

PBS has made rights agreements with other streaming platforms for some Masterpiece titles and other programs. WPSU is not involved with those business agreements and cannot address any related questions. However, if you need further clarification or have questions about programs that PBS offers to other platforms, you can reach out to PBS directly at help@pbs.org.

WPSU Passport offers the full PBS streaming catalog, including popular Masterpiece dramas like All Creatures Great and Small, and additional programs acquired by WPSU for our viewers to enjoy. Your membership contribution helps support WPSU in all of its work on behalf of the local community, including the acquisition of programs for WPSU Passport and the production of local programs.

Can I stream live TV?

Yes. You can watch WPSU’s local live signal for free on the PBS App, online at live.wpsu.org or free services like Local Now. We’re also available on subscription platforms, including Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV and Direct TV on-demand. Streaming live requires you to be within WPSU’s coverage area, which spans 24 counties in Pennsylvania. If you’re outside of this range but in the United States or Canada, you can still watch WPSU’s on-demand content on the PBS App.

Why are you charging for public television?

Our mission is to provide educational and entertaining programs to everyone in the community. The PBS App is free for anyone, and most programs are available to watch for free for a defined period (and many others have no limitation). Certain member-exclusive programs require WPSU Passport membership, and some programs are available early or for longer periods after broadcast for Passport members. All broadcast content is available free-of-charge on our traditional television signal and on our live stream.

Why is the show I saw on TV not available on-demand on the PBS App?

Streaming rights are sometimes complicated. In some cases, WPSU has the rights to broadcast a show but can’t make it available on demand because streaming rights are distinct. WPSU works hard to obtain streaming rights for as much of our broadcast programming as possible. However, sometimes streaming rights are granted exclusively to another entity or they are limited to a certain time window. While some programs may not be available to stream on demand, all programs that air on WPSU-TV will be available on our live stream at their scheduled broadcast time. To see when a program will air on WPSU, visit our online schedule.

Can I watch Passport-only programs from other stations?

Often, but not always. Each station decides when to make programs available to members of other stations. Some national or international programs are also distributed by agreements with a particular station and therefore aren’t available across the PBS system (though they might be available through more than one station).

How do I stream PBS Kids programs?

PBS Kids programming is available with the free PBS Kids Video app. You can also watch the PBS Kids live stream, or the main WPSU live stream from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekdays (check our schedule for information on particular programs and weekend viewing). This content is available free of charge. Additional free education content is available through PBS LearningMedia.

I’m a member at another PBS station. Can I watch WPSU Passport?

Passport is tied to individual station membership. Much of the content available for Passport members is the same from station to station, but there is some variability with content that stations produce or purchase outside of what we receive from PBS. That means that there could be some programs that WPSU makes available to its Passport members that aren’t available to members of other stations.

I am within the WPSU viewing area, but the PBS App is trying to localize me to another station. How do I fix this?

The PBS app determines which station to localize you based on the geographic location of your IP address (which may be different than your physical address). Changing to WPSU could be as simple as selecting WPSU in the “My Station” menu as described in this help article from PBS. It’s also possible that your geographic location will wrongly register outside of our viewing area. To change your IP address location, please contact your internet provider.