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Halloween Bites: Monsters, Gourds, and More

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The days are getting darker and the candy’s piling up on the supermarket shelves. Are you ready for haunted fun? We have just the clips to set the mood: everything from local hauntings and deep dives into the world of zombies to flying pumpkins and more. Oh, and if you’re not sure how much candy you’ll need to appease the neighborhood werewolves, we’ve got you covered.

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Our friends at PBS Digital Studios have been exploring the roots of classic monsters, from folklore and mythology to literature and the silver screen. We were fascinated by their examination of zombies – from their origins in African folklore to the version popularized by George A. Romero, who changed cinema history with his undead reimagining of Pennsylvania.

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WPSU-FM’s Fright Night

Did you ever hear the one about the haunted radio? Host Kristine Allen has been sharing local ghost stories for years on our annual Halloween broadcast – from accounts of hauntings at Altoona’s Mishler Theatre to the mysterious phenomenon known as “Schwaboo.” 

Hear more scary tales during this year’s Fright Night broadcast. First, “Shiver and Shake” presents a first-hand account of a home haunting from Brittany Howard –singer/songwriter and former frontwoman of Alabama Shakes. Then our very own undead radio announcer continues with eerie music and stories. 

Listen Oct. 31 from 8 p.m. to midnight on WPSU-FM.

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Mo-Valley Paranormal

Want more local hauntings? Established in 2012, Mo-Valley Paranormal investigates strange and unexplained phenomenon in area homes in businesses. We checked in with founder and lead investigator Tyson Lidgett for Our Town: Moshannon Valley. He shares a tale of a particularly memorable Halloween in Philipsburg.  

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Punkin' Chunkin' Catapault

Punkin’ Chunkin’ in Bald Eagle Valley

Do you have a design set for your jack-o-lantern? Consider something that can take flight and learn the creative ways that folks make gourds soar at the Howard Fire Company’s annual Punkin’ Chunkin’ Festival.

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