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Your Own Backyard

Sing along with Melanie to “Buffalo Gals,” “My Hat, It Has Three Corners,” and “Five Little Ducks.”

Music from North America

Melanie shares songs from some of the many countries in North America, including a Mexican lullaby called “Ahí está la luna.”

Music from South America

Follow along with Melanie as she sings many songs about many different animals.

Music from Europe

This week Melanie introduces us to many nursery rhymes and songs that originated in countries in Europe! Follow along with familiar tunes such as Are you sleeping/Frere Jacques, London Bridge, and a beautiful waltz!

Music from Africa

Follow along with Melanie this week as we explore the continent of Africa! Sing along as she shares a counting rhyme and the traditional African lullabye, “Iro Ye.”

Music from Asia

Sing along with Melanie to more songs about traveling, songs about animals, and songs with nonsense words. Melanie also shows us a song from East Asia played on the xylophone.

Music from Australia

Melanie shows us how songs have patterns and what type of pattern makes a waltz. She also teaches us a song from Australia called “Waltzing Matilda.”

Music about Traveling and Antarctica

Melanie teaches us all about Antarctica with a song she wrote.  But first, sing along with songs about traveling, and help Melanie write a song about cicadas.

Viewers Requests

Sing along with Melanie to classics songs such as “The Wheels on the Bus,” “Little Boy Blue,” “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” and more.

Reusing and Recycling in Music

This episode’s theme in reusing and recycling. Melanie show us how a sea shell can be a musical instrument!

Furry Friends

Melanie sings songs about animals and introduces us to some furry friends!

Songs About Weather

Melanie introduces a new instrument and shares songs about the weather.

Seed to Table

This episode’s them is “Seed to Table.” Melanie sings songs about Goldilocks, seeds, and a kitchen!


This weeks theme is wetlands and Melanie teaches us the song “Rattlin’ Bog.” We also learn about the autoharp and kazoo.

Songs of Summer

The theme of the week is Summer! Do you have any favorite songs and sounds of Summer?

Oviparous Animals

This week’s theme is Oviparous Animals, so kids will be learning about birds, reptiles, and a platypus or two though music!