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Making Using Mixed Materials

Join us for a visit to this summer’s Imagination Celebration at the Bellefonte Art Museum. Tour the exhibits and interactive Maker Galleries – plus, tips for a fun, upcycled craft project!

Try it out! Gather recycled and natural materials such as branches, fabric scraps, yarn, beads, and feathers to create Wishing Wands!

You can visit the Imagination Celebration created in partnership by The Makery and the Bellefonte Art Museum, Friday through Sunday from noon – 4:30 p.m. through August 28th. Learn more at bellefonteartmuseum.org.

The Makery is a community art studio located on MLK Plaza in downtown State College at 123 S. Fraser Street and offers classes, summer camps, and Open Studio Saturdays. Learn more at themakerypa.com.

Interactive Murals

Learn about the incredible mural, Cahuitl, created by artist, Marissa Alise Baez as part of the C/O Commonwealth Exhibit at HUB-Robeson Galleries. Try it out! Time to get a little messy with mud and create your own mural.

  • Step 1: Find a sidewalk or flat surface to make your mural
  • Step 2: Reach your hands down into the mud or pigment and then onto the sidewalk
  • Step 3: Continue step 2 to create a full circle of hand prints

Learn more about the exhibit and Marissa Alise Baez’s artwork.

See more of their work at marissabaez.net

Nazca Lines | Sand Art

Learn about the amazing Nazca Lines of Peru and see how you can create art using sand!

Chalk Art

Join street painting artists with Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts as they create beautiful chalk artwork. Grab your own chalk and have your own mini festival outside! View previous works at facebook.com/ISPCPFA as well as other artwork from Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts at arts-festival.com.

Dance and Drums of West Africa

Join Roots of Life for an introduction to the dances and drums of West Africa. Participants should have adult supervision and access to space in which they can move freely. Happy Dancing!

Gyotaku | Nature Prints

Artist, Michael Reimer, shares the origin of Gyotaku, which in Japanese means ‘Fish Rubbing’ or ‘Fish Impression’. Enjoy a demonstrate of how he makes fish rubbings and see how you can create other nature prints at home!

Try it out! Gather newsprint or any other type of paper, acrylic ink, foam brushes or other types of brushes.

Aboriginal Bark Painting

Join Julia Nelson as we appreciate the incredible bark panting developed by Aboriginal Artists of Arnhem Land.

For additional resources visit:

Colored Ice Art

Antarctica is covered with ice. Artist Jennifer Stoner shows us how we can make colored ice and use it to create beautiful artwork.