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Arbeit Macht Frei: Murals of the Holocaust

Jeff Jamner is the son of Holocaust survivors. In this video segment, Jamner examines a mural that depicts the entrance to a concentration camp with its sign, “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work Makes You Free).

Lemon Batteries

Batteries consist of two different metals suspended in an acidic solution. Is it possible to use the acid in a lemon to power a light? Try it to find out!

Smooshy Slime

Who doesn’t love slime? Slime is oobleck’s ooey-gooey cousin, and another example of a non-Newtonian fluid. When all of the ingredients in this activity are combined you get a squishy substance that is fun to stretch, shape, and smoosh. Try it!

Analyzing King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech

In this video, schoolchildren take turns reading from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream Speech” on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Are Viruses Germs?

What we call “germs” are actually a group of different kinds of microscopic organisms. What are they and what steps should you take to protect yourself?

Plaster Casting

Can you make a plaster cast like a crime scene investigator? You can set up your own mystery, or just have fun making plaster casts out of anything you want!

Marvelous Meringues 

Beating egg whites causes an amazing change. When you add sugar and bake them, more changes happen! Go from slimy egg white to fluffy foam to a crunchy solid and delicious cookie while learning about the science behind the marvelous meringue. 


Homemade Snow Globe 

What does your winter wonderland look like? Bring it to life by creating your own snow globe. 


Dental Decay 

Tooth enamel is tough but can be eroded by acids in your mouth. Test the acid levels in your favorite drinks with pH test strips, then soak shark teeth or eggshells in each drink to see if the acid weakens tooth enamel. Try it! 


Why Are There So Few Women in Computer Science? 

Today, we think of computer science as a field dominated by men, but women have a long and important history in the field. So what changed? 


Interfaith Holiday Traditions 

When Christmas and the first night of Hanukkah fall on the same day, interfaith families who observe both holidays face an unusual challenge. Learn how one interfaith family balances their two faiths. 


Magic Milk 

When food coloring and soap are added to whole milk, strange things happen. Will the same thing happen with kinds of milk that have different fat contents? 



Holiday Food Traditions From Around the World 

Many of us treasure our holiday food traditions, especially if there’s a family recipe that has been passed down through the generations. Explore food traditions enjoyed by families around the world during the holidays, and maybe add some new recipes to your holiday traditions! 


Blood Pressure 

Do you know what your blood pressure is? Learn how to use a stethoscope and a blood pressure cuff to measure blood pressure. Can different activities change blood pressure? Gather a group of friends and try it! 


Reaction Time 

How fast does the eye send messages to the brain and the brain send messages to your hand muscles to react in time to catch a falling object? Find out using the ruler test! 


Why Is Pumpkin Spice So Good? 

Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice cookies, pumpkin spice cereal… why is it in the fall we just can’t get enough of the good stuff? Margaret shares why we love everything pumpkin spice. 


All About the Holidays: Veterans’ Day 

Veteran’s Day is a national day of remembrance to honor military veterans across the country. Learn why and how the day became a national day of observance!  


Can you “water” plants with other liquids? 

Most seeds need warmth, light, and water to start growing. But what happens when you replace water with other types of liquids? Test them out using this experiment! 


Native American Heritage Collection

 Take a look at Indigenous art, history, and culture as told through the historians, artists, students, and scientists in this featured resource collection. 


Air Pressure Rockets 

How do you launch a rocket without using fuel? 


Energy Carousel 

Have you ever ridden on a carousel or merry-go-round at an amusement park? Usually, these rides are powered by electricity, but you can make your own carousel toy while exploring some basic energy concepts. 


Pipe Cleaner Pumpkins 

What kind of pumpkin can your child create with this fun and easy Halloween decoration activity? 🎃 All you need are some pipe cleaners and scissors to get started!  


Mars Egg Lander 

How do you drop an egg without breaking it? NASA faced a huge challenge when they safely landed the Mars Exploration Rovers on the surface of Mars. Can you design a capsule that would protect a raw egg dropped from several stories to the ground? Try it! 


Your Brain on Books 

Turns out reading isn’t just about getting a good story! Margaret explains the benefits of reading, including increased vocabulary and empathy. Watch the video together and then discuss using the included discussion questions. 


Soda Geyser 

Explore the science behind the reaction caused by dropping Mentos® into soda 


Community Stories 

Explore this collection of videos celebrating the stories and traditions of indigenous people from Hawai’i, Alaska, Mississippi, and Massachusetts. 


WPSU Virtual Field Trips

WPSU presents virtual field trips of the Centre Country Recycling and Refuse Authority and Fort Roberdeau with more to come!

What is Empathy? 

When Arthur takes his teasing too far, it upsets Sue Ellen. Can Arthur find a way to apologize for bullying Sue Ellen and save their friendship? Explore the topic of empathy in this interactive comic, So Funny I Forgot to Laugh, based on the characters and storyline from the PBS children’s series ARTHUR. 


Density Tower

Make colorful layers using liquids of varying densities, then experiment to see which items sink or float to each layer!

Why Do We Have Seasons? 

Explore what causes seasons on Earth in this interactive adapted from NASA materials that features four cities at different latitudes. Use this resource to view how Earth’s axial tilt causes seasons from different perspectives. 


Do Leaves Breathe? 

Before all the leaves change color and drop grab a green living leak off a tree and try this simple experiment in your home. 


Latino Americans

Explore the history, people and issues chronicled in the PBS series, Latino Americans in this collection of lesson plans and videos.

Bouncing Egg

Turn a regular, raw egg into a “bouncy ball” in this simple, yet fun experiment.

Code Your Way Through the Galaxy

Children apply geometry concepts to create patterns and shapes to program their ship to race through the galaxy, learning about computer programming along the way.

Binary Bracelets

Learn how to make a bead bracelet (or necklace or keychain) that spells your name in binary code.

Family Food Traditions

Jalani and his mom talk about cooking together and their family’s cooking traditions in this video. Use the Health Eating handout that accompanies the video to guide a discussion with your child.

Pancake Science

Pancakes are a popular family breakfast item, and making them together provides a chance to use math and science skills.


Can something be both a solid and a liquid?

How to be Civically Engaged

In this collection of videos and activities, explore the different (and interesting) ways you can become more civically engaged.

Water Filter

Can you make muddy water crystal clear?

Managing Worries

Effectively managing worries is a building block for successful problem solving and making good choices in the future. Try these activities for confronting negative thoughts and help “turn down the noise” made by anxiety.

Blood Pressure

Learn how to use a stethoscope and a blood pressure cuff to measure blood pressure. Can different activities change blood pressure?

Dances of the Americas

Through live performances and interviews, the collection represents a wide variety of cultures and styles of dance among Native American tribes.

Magic Milk

When food coloring and soap are added to whole milk, strange things happen.

Pattern Power

Practice creating and replicating patterns—an important math skill—with this simple activity.

The Big Sale

Solve unit rate problems to determine the best deal per ounce of grocery items.

Square Bubbles

Is a bubble always round? What happens if you use a different shaped bubble wand?

Do leaves breathe?

Create an environment to observe leaves breathing.

Relaxation & Breathing

As we begin to think about school starting we may feel a little anxious. Try these breathing techniques to calm your mind and body.

Summer of Reading

Get summer started on the right page with PBS LearningMedia’s Summer of Reading collection!