WPSU Board Committees 2020


MAY 2020

EDUCATION – Cece Merkel and Tamra Fatemi – meeting May 11 at 1pm via Zoom

Donnan Stoicovy

John Pozza

Joseph Nairn

Kate Bennett Truitt

Kelly Hastings

DEVELOPMENT – Rob Butler, Jessica Peters and Don Bedell – meeting May 19 at 5pm via Zoom

Amy Frank

Tim Asinger

John Lacny

Jennifer Judd

Jennifer Neely

Melinda Stearns

GOVERNMENT RELATIONS – Carolyn Donaldson – meeting May 5 at 3:30pm via Zoom

Greg Petersen

Gary Miller

Matilda Illuzzi

Vince Mannino

COMMUNITY OUTREACH – Laura Miller and Toni Irvin – meeting May 7 at 5pm via Zoom

Sara Songer

Carline Crevecoeur

Sherry DelGrosso

Kevin Mead

Rhonda Seaton

Ilona Ballreich