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Introducing the WPSU App!

Take Public Media anywhere you go with the WPSU mobile app available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and Amazon devices.

WPSU-TV features

  • WPSU-TV main, Create and World schedules
  • Full video episodes, previews, and clips from WPSU original programs like the Our Town series, Conversations Live as well as your PBS favorites like AntiquesRoadshow, Frontline, Masterpiece, and Nature.
  • PBS KIDS stream and on demand episodes such as Wild Kratts, ODD SQUAD, and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

WPSU-FM features

  • Streams of WPSU 1 News & Classical, WPSU 2 Public Radio Mix, and WPSU 3 Jazz
  • WPSU features such as Take Note, WPSU’s Bookmark, and interviews.
  • WPSU local and NPR national news stories at your fingertips.
  • On-demand programming including All Things Considered, Fresh Air, and Science Friday.

WPSU Digital

  • Easily connect to WPSU’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr pages.
  • Instantly renew or give an additional donation to WPSU through your mobile device.
  • Watch exclusive on-demand digital content.

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