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Habitats and Pollinators 

In this lesson plan and activity, students learn how the garden provides habitat for a variety of different animal species. Through making observations and collecting data, students determine which species inhabit the garden (especially pollinators), investigate relationships among them, and identify factors that may affect them.

WPSU Women in Science Profiles 

WiSci Files introduces viewers to five local women in diverse STEM careers through a series of short video profiles that feature aspects of their personal and professional lives, aiming to dispel stereotypes about who STEM professionals are and what their lives are like. 


Smooshy Slime 

Who doesn’t love slime? Slime is oobleck’s ooey-gooey cousin, and another example of a non-Newtonian fluid. When all of the ingredients in this activity are combined you get a squishy substance that is fun to stretch, shape, and smoosh. Try it!

Math in the Workforce 

In a world where we have calculators and search engines, why is math still a necessary skill to have in many career paths? From fashion design to astrobiology, math is the backbone of those jobs, and this collection will show you exactly why. 


Pull Back Cars 

Pull back vehicles use springs to store energy. When the vehicle is released, the energy stored in the spring moves the vehicle forward. Can you make any toy vehicle into a pull back vehicle? 


Popsicle Stick Explosion 

Woven popsicle sticks are a blend of art, math, science and just enough mischief to make it an engineering feat of awesomeness! 


Women’s History Month 

This collection celebrates Women’s History Month by focusing on women and girls around the world. The films tell powerful, personal stories; and the activities encourage students to learn and understand international struggles and take an active role in addressing local concerns. 


Dental Decay

Tooth enamel is tough but can be eroded by acids in your mouth. Test the acid levels in your favorite drinks with pH test strips, then soak shark teeth or eggshells in each drink to see if the acid weakens tooth enamel. Try it!

It’s Lit!

It’s Lit! is a series of smart, funny video essays from PBS Digital Studios about our favorite books and why we love to read. Delve into topics like the evolution of YA, how science fiction mirrors our own anxieties, and why the book is sometimes just a bit better than the movie.

Engineering Is …

Explore Engineering Is… , a collection of media resources that focuses on the intersection of engineering and science. Explore how scientists and engineers are working together across disciplines to investigate issues, make discoveries and develop solutions.

Lemon Batteries

Batteries consist of two different metals suspended in an acidic solution. Is it possible to use the acid in a lemon to power a light? Try it to find out!

Caterpillar Senses

How does a caterpillar find its food? What do they eat and which senses do they use to find it?

Virtual Field Trip: Jimmy Carter

Explore the life and legacy of Jimmy Carter, the 39th president of the United States and the only president from Georgia. With 360 images, photo galleries, videos, and more, this virtual field trip offers students an in depth look at Jimmy Carter’s life.

Mars Egg Lander

NASA faced a huge challenge when they safely landed the Mars Exploration Rovers on the surface of Mars. Can you design a capsule that would protect a raw egg dropped from several stories to the ground? Try it!

Characters in Context: Their Eyes Were Watching God

In this lesson, students will determine the relationship between characters in Their Eyes Were Watching God and black cultural moments throughout history. Students will analyze primary and secondary sources looking at slavery, reconstruction, and the black renaissance.

Marvelous Meringues

Beating egg whites causes an amazing change. When you add sugar and bake them, more changes happen! Go from slimy egg white to fluffy foam to a crunchy solid and delicious cookie while learning about the science behind the marvelous meringue.

Blood Vessels Help Tumors Grow

Cancer researcher Dr. Judah Folkman describes his approach to proving a new idea he had about how tumors grow inside the body focused on angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels.

Eva: A-7063 Documentary

As a 10-year-old “Mengele Twin” at the Auschwitz concentration camp, Eva Kor suffered some of the worst of the Holocaust. At 50, she launched the biggest manhunt in history. At 60, she publicly forgave the Nazis, and into her 80s, she circled the globe to promote hope, healing and humanity.

Binary Bracelets

Using the binary code, you can show off your name on a really cool bracelet, keychain, or necklace.

Bouncing Egg

Change Everything You Think You Know About Eggs! We all know what happens when you drop a regular egg on the ground. When you add vinegar (and some patience), you end up with a bouncy, squishy object!

The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Historians reflect on the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his role in the Civil Rights Movement.

Density Tower

Make colorful layers using liquids of varying densities, then experiment to see which items sink or float to each layer!


Food Inc.: The Dollar Menu

In Food, Inc., filmmaker Robert Kenner lifts the veil on our nation’s food industry, exposing the highly mechanized underbelly that’s been hidden from the American consumer. Watch and discuss the economics of the food industry and how the cost of foods affects their choices.

Water Filter 

Make your own water filter! You’ll be able to remove dirt, heavy metals and chemicals from filthy water! 


How Does Your Phone Send Emojis? 

The physics of smartphones is a complicated and amazing mixture of engineering, physics, electronics and computer science. 


Mentos Explosion 

Are you ready for a blast? What is the secret behind the reaction between carbonated cola and little mint candies that makes such an explosion? Try it! 


Plaster Casting 

The Science-U campers used plaster casts to determine who left shoe prints at the scene of the crime. You can set up your own mystery, or just have fun making plaster casts out of anything you want! 


Wildlife Research 

Learn how rehabilitators and veterinarians at the Wildlife Center of Virginia treat tens of thousands of wild animals each year and are often the first to notice trends that contribute valuable insights to overall wildlife health using data from the patients admitted to the center. 


Celebrate Japan’s Oshogatsu Holiday 

Oshogatsu is the most important holiday in Japan and is a celebration of the new yearLearn about the traditions of this special holiday, and how to make Ozoni, a one bowl soup that is a central dish of the holiday. 


Bath Fizzies 

Splish splash, let’s do science in the bath! Make your own bath fizzies and have fun exploring chemical reactions while taking a relaxing soak! 


Make a Comet 

Some scientists call it a “dirty snowball in space”. You can make your own comet with a mixture of materials that might surprise you. 


A History of Thanksgiving 

Take a trip through time and learn about the origins of Thanksgiving and from the original colonists through the proclamation of a national Thanksgiving holiday. 


Strawberry DNA 

All living things store genetic information in DNA, but can you actually extract DNA from a plant and see it with the naked eye? 


American Veteran 

Learn about the diversity of people who have signed up for military service with the United States Armed Forces and the various reasons that prompted them to make the decision to do so. 


Native Voices 

Native Americans had established a rich and highly developed tradition of oral literature long before the writings of the European colonists. This program explores that richness by introducing Native American oral traditions through the work of three contemporary authors. 


Smooshy Slime 

Who doesn’t love slime? Slime is oobleck’s ooey-gooey cousin, and another example of a non-Newtonian fluid. When all of the ingredients in this activity are combined you get a squishy substance that is fun to stretch, shape, and smoosh. Try it! 


Glowing Ghost Jugs 

You can get ready for Halloween tricks and treats with some ghostly decorations for your sidewalk, front porch, or trunk-or-treat set up, by creating cute or spooky glowing ghost jugs. 


Pull Back Cars 

Pull back vehicles use springs to store energy. When the vehicle is released, the energy stored in the spring moves the vehicle forward. Can you make any toy vehicle into a pull back vehicle? 


Afrofuturism: From Books to Blockbusters 

What is Afrofuturism and what is its place in Black storytelling? Learn how Afrofuturism is more than just “science fiction plus Africa” and the roots of this important genre in this video from the digital series It’s Lit. 


Dental Decay

Test the acid levels in your favorite drinks and learn if they can weaken tooth enamel. 


Multiple Perspectives

Zitkála-Šá and Susan La Flesche Picotte, worked tirelessly to improve the lives of Native Americans. By learning more about their lives and analyzing primary source documents written by both women, you will gain a deeper understanding of how assimilation policies impacted indigenous people in the past and continue to have consequences in the present. 


Lemon Batteries

Can you get power from a lemon? Try this fun experiment at home to find out. 

Fighting Prejudice and Bullying 

Learn how a young girl who immigrated to New York City from Yemen dealt with Islamophobia in this video from FILMS BYKIDS: Poet against Prejudice


The Hungry Caterpillar 

Determine what caterpillars eat and what senses they use to find their food in this hands on experiment. 


Just Breathe 

A tropical rainforest’s ability to take a deep breath depends in large part on a somewhat surprising factor—the age of its leaves. Explore more about the connection between the seasonal variation in Amazon rainforest productivity and its possible resilience to climate change in this interactive infographic. 


Solar Oven S’mores

Before the weather starts to cool off, dive into the fun experiment in which you create your own solar oven from a pizza box.

Diversity In Latino Culture

Explore the rich diversity within Latino culture in this interactive lesson that presents the variety found within Latino food, music, and art.

Debugging the Code

Get immersed in a multi-level adventure game cleverly designed to introduce computer programming concepts and improve problem-solving skills. To save the motherboard, players create a custom hero character and fight bugs!

Popsicle Stick Explosion

Woven popsicle sticks are a blend of art, math, science and just enough mischief to make it an engineering feat of awesomeness!

Tracing Ancestry

In this interactive web activity your task it to complete a family tree by comparing the DNA sequences of Y chromosomes of known men to the sequences of their relatives.