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Our Town: Jersey Shore, 2 DVDs $120


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WPSU Passport

Watch your favorite PBS shows whenever and wherever.
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WPSU MemberCard

Exclusive MemberCard provides discounts and deals for 1 year.
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Include an option for your Our Town: Jersey Shore, 2 DVDs gift, if applicable.

PBS Passport is a new member benefit from WPSU Penn State that gives eligible donors and supporters extended access to an on-demand library of quality public television programming online.

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MemberCard is an exclusive benefit of membership that provides member-only values over your 12-month membership period. Which can include:

  • Dining out
  • Visiting the opera, symphony, or theater
  • Playing a round of golf
  • Staying at a great bed and breakfast
  • Earning rewards when shopping online and online merchant discounts

A WPSU Sustaining Membership is an ongoing monthly contribution from your checking, savings, credit, or debit card in support of WPSU public television and radio and our programming. It is not an installment plan, meaning that it does not stop automatically in one year and you don’t have to worry about renewing.

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