Grief Webinar: Minimizing Burnout in Death Care Professionals

Death care and other caretaking professions are facing unprecedented levels of burnout as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic–and burnout can impede our ability to offer kindness and compassion to others. These workers carry an enormous responsibility: for many, funeral directors are their first entry into grief and loss and the experience with making arrangements can set the tone for a person’s grief journey. In this webinar, experts will identify warning signs of compassion fatigue, and offer strategies for balancing empathy with self-care.


Joél Simone Anthony aka The Grave Woman


Charles Figley, Ph.D, Paul Henry Kurzweg, MD Distinguished Chair in Disaster Mental Health and Associate Dean for Research, School of Social Work Professor, and Director of the award-winning Traumatology Institute at Tulane University
Hui-wen Sato, MSN, MPH, RN, CCRN, Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse
Julie Kaplow, PhD., ABPP, Executive Director of the Trauma and Grief (TAG) Center at The Hackett Center for Mental Health


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