Employee Handbook

Exterior photo of the Outreach Building from Innovation Boulevard

New Employee Information

All new employees should read the following information to become familiar with WPSU Policy and Procedures.

For a list of helpful resources, please visit NEW EMPLOYEE RESOURCES HERE

All Staff Meetings

Once a month (usually the first Monday of the month), the Executive Director holds an “all-staff” meeting in the large studio or Room 121G&H.  All employees are strongly encouraged to attend. Agenda topics vary but can include such topics as policy updates, information sharing from various units, and production clips.

Alternate Work Arrangements

Review Penn States Alternate Work Arrangements policy here.

Business Cards

See your Administrative Support Assistant to order business cards.

Calendar Usage/Out of Office

Each employee is to keep their Outlook calendar updated to reflect time away from the office.  They should give access to their calendar to their respective staff assistant.  Supervisors may request access as well.

Also, each employee should update the Station Out Of Office calendar including time working from home and training.

Communication with the Press/Board Members/Politicians

Penn State has a policy and protocol for contact with certain political figures.  In our case, it is the responsibility of the Executive Director and the Director of Marketing to assure that those protocols are observed, so please remember that:

Any contact with members of the Penn State Board of Trustees, Federal or State Legislator, State or Federal Cabinet members, and WPSU Board of Representative members should not be initiated until they are discussed with and approved by the Executive Director.

Inquiries from the press should be reported to the Executive Director or the Director of Marketing.

Conflict of Interest Reporting

All employees will complete a “Potential Conflict of Interest Form” once a year.  Please review Penn State’s Conflict of Interest policy here.

Copy/Fax Machines

There are three copy/scan/fax machines at WPSU:

  • The first floor unit is located in the Development Suite in room 151 (color & black and white)
  • The second machine is located in the Producer’s area in room 227 (black and white only).
  • The third machine is located in the supply room 238B.  (color & black and white).

In order to fax, scan or copy documents at the printer, you must login using the WPSU code (3333).

For repairs or service on equipment, please contact your staff assistant.


Diversity is an integral part of the University’s strategic planning process through the document, Fostering and Embracing a Diverse World – Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

Created in July 1990, the Office of the Vice Provost for Educational Equity was originally charged to foster diversity at Penn State. In 2001, the mission expanded to support educational access for targeted groups of low-income, potential first-generation college students both here at Penn State and at sites throughout the state.

Beyond the University, in targeted high schools and counties, the office helps low-income youth and adults to overcome the social, cultural, and educational barriers to success in higher education. Within the University, the office supports and evaluates the many diversity initiatives and serves as an advocate for a range of populations. These include historically underrepresented racial/ethnic minorities; persons with disabilities; persons from low-income families who would be the first generation to college; veterans; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons; and women.

For more information about the services our office provides, as well as services provided by other units at Penn State, visit the helpful links we have listed on this site.

Dress Code

WPSU Penn State is a creative, professional organization. We represent not only a quality public broadcasting operation looked upon as a leader in the field, but also Penn State University, an institution with a long-standing reputation of excellence and integrity. Therefore in our conduct and attire, WPSU employees are to represent themselves as such.  Although there is no written policy requiring a certain dress code for administrative/academic units within the University, it is presumed that everyone will use their best judgment to set a professional image for WPSU according to your position.  Please talk to your supervisor regarding his/her dress code for your unit.

Fridays have been designated as “casual” day.  Check with your supervisor regarding his/her dress code.

Some items should be avoided altogether:  shorts, sweatpants, blue jeans with holes, halter or low-cut tops.

Meals/Group Meals

Please see your staff assistant before purchasing a University funded meal for yourself and/or other staff, guests, etc.  There are various finance policies that need to be considered when such purchases take place.

Name Tags

When representing WPSU at events such as: WPSU Day at DelGrosso’s Amusement Park, Grange Fair, Senior Fairs, and fundraising shifts, it is a courtesy to our viewers and listeners for employees to wear name tags identifying themselves.  Name tags can be requested through Laura Miller.

Production Logs

Weekly production logs/schedules can be viewed at the following Web site: http://www.pspb.org/production/

This Web site should also be used to report equipment failures.  Questions may be directed to either Russ Rockwell or Traci Watson.

Professional Development Procedures

Please see your staff assistant for the current procedure for requesting professional development.


Both men’s and women’s restrooms are located on all floors. Men’s first and second-floor restrooms are located along the red wall.  The women’s first and second-floor restrooms are located along the yellow wall near the elevator.

Smoking Policy

Penn State’s smoking policy can be found here:  https://policy.psu.edu/policies/ad32

Snack Areas and Coffee

Snack Areas
The 3rd floor has a large snack area.
There is a soda vending machine on the 1st floor near rooms 121G and H.

There are refrigerators by the Green Room on the first floor, across the hall from Room 119, in Room 238 Kitchen area and in the Ryan Community Room (2nd floor lunchroom).

There are microwaves in the Ryan Community Room (2nd floor lunchroom).

There is a water cooler located next to the color copier in room 238B, by the Green Room on the first floor, and in the Radio Suite (room 174).

A keurig machine is available in the kitchen area of room 238 and in the volunteer area next to radio.  Staff need to supply their own k-cups, milk and sugar.
There is also a coffee club located in the Ryan Community room (lunchroom/226).  Hazelnut, Rainforest, and French Vanilla coffee are brewed daily.  It is $1.00 per cup, or you can pay $10 per month for unlimited cups.

Time Reporting

Farmer’s Wife is an in-house system used to track employees’ time working on projects.  The reports generated from Farmer’s Wife are used for invoicing, financial and managerial purposes; therefore, the accuracy of the data in Farmer’s Wife is critical.  Hours worked should be entered by the end of the month.  Accurate and timely time reporting is considered part of a satisfactory work performance.  Best practice is to enter time into Farmer’s Wife daily to help ensure accuracy.

University Weather Closings

WPSU-FM is the official source for weather-related Penn State University closings and shutdowns–tune in to 91.5 or listen to the webstream online at wpsu.org.

Sign Up for PSUAlert:
To ensure the fastest possible delivery of critical information to Penn State campus communities in the event of an emergency, the PSUAlert system is reserved for students, faculty, and staff.  All students, faculty, and staff will now receive alerts for their home campus at their Penn State-issued email address. The service features messaging capabilities, including the ability for enrollees to receive alerts by text message and email; phone-based voice alerts; and integration with campus Facebook and Twitter accounts.

To sign up, Penn State students, faculty and staff should visit https://psualert.psu.edu/psualert select the “manage my alters” button, and sign in using their Penn State Access ID and password.