Employee Handbook

Exterior photo of the Outreach Building from Innovation Boulevard

General Information

Professional Development

The Professional Development request form is location at the following link: http://wpsudev1.vmhost.psu.edu/blueform/index.php. Please complete and submit to your supervisor.

Courier Service

The On-Call Courier is to be used for the pick up and delivery of items that are not on a regular schedule (i.e. Bellefonte Courthouse, Multi-box deliveries, etc).

The On-Call Courier is not to be used to supplement scheduled pick-up and drop-off points.  If the item misses the scheduled pick-up time, it will be picked up the next scheduled time.

There is a Courier Mailbox in the Mail room for these pickups.

Mail room pick-ups are scheduled for the following times:

  1. 10:15 a.m.
  2. 3:45 p.m.

The On-Call Courier is not an alternative to Campus Mail Services.  If the item is not time-sensitive, it can go Campus Mail.

Campus Mail will be picked up in the building mail room. The Staff Assistants in each area will be responsible for picking up and delivering the mail in each area.

To schedule a rush pick-up or to have the document tracked for delivery you can call 865-7544 to have the item delivered in person.

Interns/Work Study/Volunteers

WPSU has opportunities throughout the year for interns, work-study students and volunteers in a variety of areas such as production, membership, marketing, business, and more.  Internships are usually one semester (fall, spring or summer).  Students may receive credits through their department at Penn State or other accredited universities.  Work-study students are compensated by WPSU according to their grant specifications.

Volunteers assist throughout the year in a variety of ways, including membership pledge drives, on-air announcing staff, office help, etc.

If you are interested in having interns/work-study/volunteers in your area, contact Toni Irvin.

Mail Information for Outreach Building

Mail Room 122 Outreach Building

Outgoing mail  (US, UPS Express, UPS Ground, CAMPUS mail) and In-coming Mail:
9:45-10:00 a.m. (Monday – Friday):

  • Campus Mail Couriers will pick up outgoing mail from the mail room (room 122) this includes US mail, UPS Express, UPS Ground, and CAMPUS mail.
  • Campus Mail Couriers will deliver incoming mail to the mail room (room 122) in the Outreach Building.

2:15-2:45 p.m.  (Monday – Friday):

  • Campus Mail Couriers will pick up outgoing mail from the mail room (room 122) this includes US mail, UPS Express, UPS Ground, and CAMPUS mail.
  • Campus Mail Couriers will deliver incoming mail to the mail room (room 122) in the Outreach Building.
  • NOTE:  This includes any UPS Ground and UPS Express packages that can be ready to be picked up by the Campus Mail Couriers and delivered to Addressing Services to be shipped via UPS.  Packages that are picked up at 9:45 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. will go out from mail services the same day.

UPS Express Mail Pick Up (Monday – Friday):

  • UPS has agreed to an automatic daily pick up for UPS Express Mail around 4:30 p.m.
  • Outgoing UPS Express mail materials can be placed in the basket on the counter in the mail room.
  • NOTE:  this service is helpful if you have missed the regular 9:45 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. Campus Mail Courier pick-ups in the mail room (room 122).  If you want UPS to pick up a UPS Express mail envelope from your office, you can call UPS at 814-861-3853.

UPS and FedEx Deliveries to the Outreach Building:

  • UPS packages will typically only be delivered to the mail room, addressees should pick up packages there.
  • FedEx deliveries will be made directly to the addressee, who is expected to sign for them. If you wish to ship via FedEx, it is necessary to call them directly and make individual arrangements.

Outreach Building Meeting Reference Guide

Meeting Room Reference Guide:  http://meetingrooms.outreach.psu.edu/

When scheduling a conference room please provide the following information:

  • Date of meeting
  • Start and end time (please include enough time for you set-up and clean-up)
  • Number of people
  • Name of meeting or group
  • Contact information of person responsible for scheduling the meeting
  • Contact information of person responsible for room set-up/clean up

Conference Room Cancellation:

  • If your meeting cancels, please remember to cancel the room request

Parking at the Outreach Building:

  • Orange Lot—this lot is authorized for any faculty/staff permit (excluding Red Commuter permits)
  • Visitors may use metered parking or obtain a visitor parking permit from a staff assistant
  • Meters are available for short-term parking provided there is time showing on the meter

Conference Room Guidelines:

  • Room Set-Up/Clean-Up: You are responsible for room set-up and clean up before and after your meeting/event (Example set-up: AV, refreshments, chairs, tables. Example clean-up: return room to standard room configuration – some of the rooms have standard room configuration posted, remove all trash to appropriate recycle/trash bins, etc.).
  • Use of Classrooms: If your meeting is to be held in one of the classrooms (room 121G, 121H), it is important that the tables and chairs be returned to their classroom configuration at the end of your meeting so that they are ready for students.
  • AV: Some conference rooms have equipment available. Please note that if you use that equipment during your meeting you are responsible for the set up and ensuring that it is turned off at the end of your meeting.


  • You may want to provide signage/a greeter in the lobby to help direct your guests to your meeting/event.
  • If you use the white board, please bring white board markers to your meeting. Erase white boards at the end of your meeting or make arrangements to have the information copied as soon as possible after your meeting.
  • Please close the door when your meeting starts.
  • Please be courteous and end your meeting on time.
  • If your meeting starts before 8 am and/or ends after 5 pm, you may be responsible for unlocking/locking the conference room door. Please check on this when scheduling the room.
  • Please note that the Outreach Building automatically unlocks each morning and locks each evening. If you will be hosting an event that will be held outside the regular business hours of 8 am – 5 pm, you will need to check on the locking schedule for that day.


  • It is the responsibility of those scheduling the room/lobby to make arrangements for security at their meeting/event as needed.

Break Room (room 226):

  • The break room on the second floor should not be used for group meetings. The room should be open to everyone all the time. We want to encourage informal conversations, etc.


  • Contact Traci Watson, email tkw10@psu.edu or 863-4166 to schedule the lobby. Please provide information about the type of event (i.e. is it University sanctioned or not reference PS Policy AD02), time and date. The person making the reservation will be responsible for care and use of the facility, services and equipment (i.e. podium, public address system, tables), lobby arrangement, catering, and cleanup at the end of the event. All furniture must be returned to its original position. The janitorial staff would like at least a two-day notice to be ready for service.

Station Vehicle Reservations

There are two station vehicles that can be reserved for production trips.  You can make reservations with Traci Watson.  Be prepared to provide a project number for the trip.

In order to be eligible to drive a station vehicle you must be 25 years or older and have your drivers license verified and logged on a quarterly basis.

Each vehicle has a mileage log sheet that must be completed for each trip.

Studio Reservations

Contact Traci Watson to reserve the studios and lobby.

University Closings

WPSU-FM is the official source for weather-related Penn State University closings and shutdowns–tune in to 91.5.

You also have the option to sign up for the Penn State text alert.  You can do this by visiting http://live.psu.edu/psutxt.