Employee Handbook

Exterior photo of the Outreach Building from Innovation Boulevard

Facilities Information

Parking Passes – Floaters

Floaters may be obtained from any Staff Assistant in 238.  Floater permits are not to be used for attending classes and should not be left in vehicles at night.  All permits are to be returned to the office by 5:00 p.m. each day.  If you are attending a meeting that runs past that time, please make every effort to return the permit by 8 a.m. the next business day.  Floaters are a valuable commodity and cost the station $300 each.  Individuals who check them out are directly responsible for them.  Do not return them in campus mail – should the floater get lost, it will still be your responsibility since it was signed out under your name.

These floaters can only be used if you have an orange parking permit.  They are not permitted with any other parking permit.  Floaters work only in campus parking decks – see pass for more details.

Keys (fobs) and Parking Permits

For Parking Permits see:

Chrissy McGinley

218, The 329 Building

Parking passes are distributed by Chrissy McGinley at the beginning of an employee’s work tenure.  They are good for all Orange lots, which are located throughout the campus. The main WPSU parking lot is located next to the Outreach Building.  Guest parking passes can be obtained from any staff assistant in room 238. Please provide guest name, reason for visit, who they are visiting, budget, and project number. See Floaters for parking in other areas on campus.  There is an Interactive Campus Map found here which is helpful when determining parking lots as well as buildings.

For Building Keys, Key Fobs:

Toni Irvin
238I Outreach Building

See Toni Irvin for the completion of paperwork.  You will then be directed to Chrissy McGinley for the keys and/or fob.

Maps of the Outreach Building

  1. First Floor
  2. Second Floor
  3. Third Floor

OPP Building Emergencies and Non-Emergencies

For Emergencies and Non-Emergencies call contact:

Emergencies (A/C, Heat, etc.)

Russ Rockwell (rgr11@psu.edu, 863-5493) *Primary
Toni Irvin  (ami107@psu.edu, 863-0820) or Traci Watson (tkw10@psu.edu, 863-4166) *Secondary

Chrissy McGinley (clj6@psu.edu, 863-8353)

Emergencies (Bathrooms, etc.)

  • Toni Irvin (ami107@psu.edu, 863-0820) or Traci Watson (tkw10@psu.edu, 863-4166) *Primary
  • Russ Rockwell (rgr11@psu.edu, 863-5493)
  • OPP Work Reception Desk (865-4731)

Building Number:  0965013

OPP Work Location:  Area 1, OPPAS1@psu.edu  865-4731

Standing Order Number:  1276 for building issues only, not related to a work unit.

This Outreach Building is considered an academic building because there are several classrooms on the first and second floor.

Emergencies: (below are a few of the possible emergencies)

  • Elevator breakdown — call the service desk at 865-4731. This is considered an emergency since there is only one elevator in the building. Be sure to let them know if someone is stuck in the elevator.
  • Building Alarms going off — call the service desk at 865-4731 and request to have an electronics guy sent over. Know the message the alarm box is indicating.
  • Water flowing
  • HVAC/Heating extremes


  • Work requests should be made via the web by your OPP facilities coordinator (Traci Watson, Toni Irvin) for all non-emergencies.

Snow Removal

  • OPP Help Desk: 865-4731


Click this link to the Penn State Sustainability website for information about recycling.

Lion Surplus

Lion Surplus is responsible for the collection, sale and disposal of all University-owned equipment, supplies and materials that are obsolete or surplus to the needs of Penn State.

To dispose of surplus materials, see your Staff Assistant.  Surplus and Salvage will pick up the items upon receiving proper paperwork from the staff assistant.

Lion Surplus
Services Road
Phone: 865-4371
Fax: 863-8696

Recording Media

Blank recording media is available in room 169 by completing the appropriate form.  Forms available on clipboard attached to the media cabinet. Complete a form with appropriate information then place in container attached to the cabinet.

Building Tours

To schedule a tour of the Outreach Building, contact Michele Chernega at muc27@psu.edu or 863-5627.