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Awards are given to staff that have shown exemplary dedication and have gone above and beyond their normal duties at WPSU Penn State. Staff who qualify for the award are nominated by their peers and reviewed through an award process conducted by the Celebrations Team.

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    Innovation ?

    Innovation Award

    This award recognizes a person who demonstrates a high level of creativity or innovation in her/his work. For example, someone who has broken new ground, seeks out and recognizes new opportunities, develops a unique approach to processes or procedures that makes work easier, or conceives of a new or innovative use of facilities or equipment.

    2019 Winners: Chris Divyak and Sam Newhouse

    Leadership ?

    Leadership Award

    This award recognizes a person who exhibits qualities that exemplify leadership regardless of their position in the organization, whether they are a supervisor, team member, or cube mate. It should be someone that either inspires and motivates others to succeed, leads by example, models integrity, demonstrates a strong work ethic, or promotes an environment where work is enjoyable, success is celebrated, and creativity is encouraged.

    2019 Winner: Cassie Caldwell

    Customer Service ?

    Customer Service Award

    This award recognizes a person who goes the extra mile toward customer satisfaction, whether that customer be a Listener, Viewer, Member, Funder, Production Client, or Staff Member.

    2019 Winner: Chrissy Moyer

    Outstanding Employee ?

    Outstanding Employee Award

    This award recognizes and honors the dedication and outstanding professional contributions made by an employee who exceeds their defined duties and demonstrates their commitment to the station and coworkers. He/she is known for high quality work, always puts forward extra effort to complete a job or duty, and makes exceptional contributions toward the work of the organization.

    2019 Winner: Jessica Peters

    Teamwork ?

    Teamwork Award

    This award recognizes a team of people who have pulled together to form a highly motivated unit that has exceeded the normal boundaries and produced a product or process that made a significant impact within the department or with a customer.

    2019 Winner: Safe & Aware Team

    Technical Excellence ?

    Technical Excellence Award

    This award, given in memory of past technical staff members Dave Watson, Al Wilson, and Scott Endress, recognizes a member of the current technical staff who has shown consistent excellence in his/her work.

    2019 Winner: Matt Stephens

    Rookie of the Year ?

    Rookie of the Year Award

    This award goes to an employee who has made a significant impact and demonstrated a high degree of excellence during their first two years of service at WPSU.

    Eligible recipients are:

    • Sam Newhouse
    • Alexandra Rabb
    • Will Price
    • David Gailey
    • Sarah Dillon
    • Samantha Maggio
    • Donald Bedell
    • Allen Goldate
    • J. Michael Loftus
    • Justin Donnelly
    • Jennifer Bryan
    • Adam Simpson

    2019 Winner: Min Xian

    Mr. Rogers Award ?

    Mr. Rogers Award

    This award recognizes someone who continually brings a cheerful spirit and pleasantness to the workplace, providing coworkers with a lift, and presenting a positive attitude. He/she is inclusive, makes special efforts to recognize excellence in others, and is overall a joy for people to work with.

    2019 Winner: Jessica Peters

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    Name Your Own Award

    Nominators are encouraged to create their own unique category with an accompanying nomination to illustrate someone’s contributions that are not represented in the current available categories. These may be made in good humor or to recognize more serious accomplishments.

    Nominations should include a name for the award. Examples could include: Cleanest Desk, Best Mentor, Unsung Hero, Going Green, etc.

    The selection committee will select one award to recognize at this year's event.

    2019 Winner: Matt Chridon ("We All Work in Development" Award)

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