“Armor of Light” Public Discussion

The Armor of Light

Screening and Panel Discussion
Tuesday, April 11, 6:00-8:30 p.m.

You are invited to participate in a studio viewing of the documentary film The Armor of Light followed by a panel discussion about the documentary and gun violence issues, which will be broadcast on WPSU-TV.

Submit questions for the panel by sending an email to connect@wpsu.org, or tweeting @WPSU.

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Broadcast on WPSU-TV
Thursday, April 13, 8:00-10:30 p.m.

About the Film

This film documents the journey of an evangelical minister trying to find the moral strength to preach about the growing toll of gun violence in America. “The Armor of Light” tracks Rev. Rob Schenck, anti-abortion activist and lobbyist on the political far right, who breaks with orthodoxy by questioning whether being pro-gun is consistent with being pro-life. Along the way, Rev. Schenck meets Lucy McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis, an unarmed teenager who was murdered in Florida and whose story has cast a spotlight on “Stand Your Ground” laws. Also an evangelical Christian, McBath’s personal testimony compels Rev. Schenck to reach out to pastors around the country to discuss the moral and ethical response to gun violence. The film is a courageous look at a fractured political culture and an assertion that it is, indeed, possible for people to come together across deep party lines to find common ground.

More information: armoroflightfilm.com